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Industrial Revolution Timeline

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Chiaka Ibe

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution Timeline

by: Chiaka Ibe and Ryan Heffernan Industrial Revolution Timeline 1876 The Telephone by: Alexander Graham Bell The telephone made a huge impact on the speed at which communication happens in our society. It sped up business negotiations and long-distance communication. The Motorcycle 1885 by: Gottlied Daimler Dynamite 1866 by: Alfred Nobel The Typewriter 1867 by: Christopher Scholes The Escalator 1891 by: Jesse W. Reno The Tractor 1892 by: John Ftorliech The Roller Coaster 1898 by: Edwin Prescott The Air Conditioner 1902 by: Willis Carrier The Airplane 1903 by: Orville and Wilbur Wright Stainless Steel 1916 by: Henry Brearly The motorcycle was important because, just like the car, it allowed people to get from point A to point B but with less polution. It was a big advancement in the transportation industry. Also, if more people were to transfer to motorcycles there would be less traffic congestion. Motorcycles have less wear and tear on roads. The airplane has affected in society because it has upgraded transportation in such a way that the airplane is one of the most depended on electronics in our world. The invention of the airplane also made a lot of job opportunities. The roller coaster impacted our society because it allowed the steel industry to jump with sales. Also it brought up so many business opportunities with theme parks. Roller coasters ended up bringing great income all over the world. Stainless steel effected our society because it became a popular material used in other inventions that had a great impact on the world. It was also non toxic and safe to use. USA Wisoncin, USA USA New York, USA Buffalo, New York, USA Sheffield, England Germany Clayton County, Iowa, USA Ohio, USA Russia The invention of dynamite affected society because it upgraded the technology in the military. It gave soldiers advantages against others. The typewriter affected society by making typing easier worldwide. Instead of having to use a printing press that was slow and expensive, everyone could buy a typewriter. The escalator helped our society because it especially helped the elderly transporting from level to level in a building. It also helped anyone who didn't want to walk, because they were able to stand on the escalator. Many buildings around the world started using escalators. The tractor made farming easier. More people bought farms because they could take care of them easier. The farm industry brought in more money because farmers were able to use tractors. The air conditioner affected our society by changing temperatures in buildings to whatever someone would like. It blew warm and cool air and many people invested in air conditoners.
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