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halo 3 prezi

No description

scott oncea

on 27 October 2010

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Transcript of halo 3 prezi

Halo 3
survival This is an elite with a double plasma rifiel to survive one you have to kill it befor it kills you. This is a team of grunts. When you are fighting them you have to bunt them in the back or shoot them 2 times. This "brut" is trying to kill enything in its way just to win. If you want to win you have to shoot it from long range when running backwords. To survive the jakels you ether have to bunt there sheilds, snipe them from long range or blow them up with a rocket lancher or granades. To kill a drone you have to shoot it or put a sticky granade on it or you have to shoot it. When you try to kill a hunter the only ways are to shoot the orange on its back of blow it up with a rocket launcher. To survive a flood you have to shoot it 5 times or shoot it in the head. To destroy a scareb you have to blow up its legs with a rocket lancher or a rathe. To destrohy a hornet you just have to keep shooting it. To destroy a chooper you have to put a granade on it or kill the driver. You cant destroy this it is a spirite You can desroy a mongoos with any wepon if you shoot the driver. To destroy a warthog you ether have to blow it up or kill the driver but I sugest blowing it up. Next I will show a video on 100 ways to die in halo 3.
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