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The De St. Jeor Family Tree

No description

Gus De St. Jeor

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The De St. Jeor Family Tree

form France The De St. Jeor
Family The Crone Family My Cousin: My Cousin: My Cousin: My Brother: My Brother: My Brother: My Cousin: The Lynch Family Riker Lynch Rydel Lynch Gates De St. Jeor Gil De St. Jeor Gordy De St. Jeor Boston Crone Bauer Crone Beauty Crone My Grandpa:
Lee De St. Jeor My Grandma:
Mary De St. Jeor The De St. Jeor
Family Tree My Cousin: My Cousin: Rocky Lynch My Cousin: Ross Lynch My Cousin: Ryland Lynch My Aunt:
Stormie Lynch My Uncle:
Mark Lynch My Aunt:
Shae Crone My Uncle:
Scott Crone My Aunt:
Journey Hawkins My Cousin:
Tyler Hawkins The Hawkins
Faimly My Cousin:
Malory Hawkins My Cousin:
Hilary Hawkins My Uncle:
Steven Hawkins Me!!!!!! My Dad:
Anthony De St. Jeor My Mom:
Angela De St. Jeor My Cousin: Sadie Hawkins My Great Grandfather:
Waldo De St. Jeor My Great, Great Grandfather:
Tommy De St. Jeor My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather:
Frances De St. Jeor The first one to immagrate to America.
He went to Idaho My Great, Great, Great Grandfather:
Alfredo De St. Jeor
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