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Ignorance Is Not Bliss

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mackinsey creagan

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Selling Indulgences
In conclusion, ignorance allows people to be manipulated by questionable authority because when people are ignorant, they do not know what is truly happening around them. Manipulators can then see their chance to manipulate the minds and feelings of ignorant people. History seems to be repeating itself in that human nature consists of people allowing other people in a higher rank in the government to control them. This leads to manipulation and ignorance to occur.
Mexican Drug War
Ignorance allows people to be manipulated by questionable authority
Ignorance Is (Not) Bliss

Pig Symbol
The pig represents the theme because the pig has a jovial life. This is because the pig gets fed and treated well. The pig thinks that this is going to last for an extensive amount of time, but does not know that it will end up being slain. This connects to the theme because the pig is manipulated by the questionable authority (the farmer) and ended up being slaughtered.
Current Events That Connect to the Theme
By Aliyah Holmen, Macensey Cregan, Cecilia Martinez, Ashley Kuder
Universal Theme:
Our prezi will demonstrate the universal theme:
Thanks For Watching!
The Mexican Drug War connects to theme "ignorance allows people to be manipulated by questionable authority" because in the war, teenagers were getting brainwashed by the drug cartels(which are like gangsters except more violent)and they became part of those drug cartels and were on their side of the war. So, the young people were ignorant to the consequences that could follow for being with the cartels, which include death. The drug lords, leaders of the drug cartels, are the questionable authority because they tell people to be on their side of their war and probably threaten them. If the drug lords resume their violence, then more people will die and the population of Mexico could go down. The picture represents the theme because the people who got involved with the drug cartels were ignorant to the consequences, which was death. In the picture, there is someone tied up and is probably going to get killed.
One event in history that clearly demonstrates the theme, that ignorance allows people to be manipulated by questionable authority, is the selling of indulgences. In the 14th century, the Christian church sold indulgences to the ignorant people of the Catholic faith. Indulgences were sold for the release of your sins, so you spent less time in purgatory, suffering, before you got to heaven. The people didn't know, however, that the church had no right to sell indulgences and there was no mention of indulgences in the bible. This video, while cheesy, shows how the people would do anything that the church officials wanted them to do, and when people started questioning the indulgences, they broke away from the church and started new branches of Christianity still used today.
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Universal theme in literature
Many novels, such as Animal Farm and The Children's Story share the same universal theme used in this presentation. These books show that not just ignorant adults can be manipulated, but the animals in Animal Farm, and the kids in The Children's Story also can be easily manipulated by authority
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