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Australian Football League

Jacob Morpeth

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of AFL

Australian Football League The rules of the game are pretty simple.There are to teams with 22 players on each team, 18 on the field and 4 start on the bench 1 is a substitute the other 3 will swap with other players many times in the game, the substitute will swap with a player and that player will not play on .There are positions for players to play in here are some positions and what kind of position they play in (the picture explains).The aim of the game is to get possession of the ball and get it to the forwards so they will have a shot on goal. A goal is worth 6 points and a point is 1 point. There are 4 quarters, each quarter has not the same time there are 20 minutes of normal time there will be stoppages in the game so at the end of the 20 minutes there will be time on. A stoppage is when there are many players around the ball and the ball is going no where, so the umpire will come in and bouncer the ball while the umpire is getting the ball time will be stopped The rules in the game History Footy community in South Australia http://www.afl.com.au/development/aflexplained/history/tabid/10296/default.aspx Biogerlify Defense Midfield Attack Here are some pictures from some AFL games The new game was devised by Wills, H.C.A. Harrison, W.J. Hammersley and J.B. Thompson. The Melbourne Football Club was formed in 1858. The Geelong Football Club was formed in 1859 and in 1866 an updated set of rules was put in place and competition started.The Victorian Football League was established in 1896 and the following year the League’s first games were played among the foundation clubs – Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon, Fitzroy, Geelong, Melbourne, St Kilda and South Melbourne.

In 1908, Richmond and University joined the competition. But after the 1914 season, University left the League. In 1925, Footscray (now the Western Bulldogs), Hawthorn and North Melbourne (now the Kangaroos) joined the VFL. in the early days of the AFL it was called (VFL Victorian Football League) which only had Victorian teams in it.

This line-up of 12 clubs would remain unchanged until 1987 when the competition expanded to include the West Coast Eagles and the Brisbane Bears. By 1997, the competition comprised 16 clubs after Adelaide (in 1991), Fremantle (in 1995), and Port Adelaide (in 1997) joined the now Australian Football League and foundation club Fitzroy merged with the Brisbane Bears to form the Brisbane Lions (after the 1996 season). Football in South Australia has a long and colourful history. The first official record of Australian Rules being played in SA dates back to 1843. Originally established as the South Australian Football Association on April 30, 1877, the South Australian National Football League is not only the oldest surviving football league of any code in the nation but is also one of the oldest competitions in the world. The football community is South Australia is a strong community in lncuding at semi pro footboll league as called the SANFL (South Australian National Football League) including 9 league, resvers, and macca's cup teams. In South Australia there is a community football league called the SAAFL (South Australian Amauter Football League). The community football includes Seniour, Youth and Junior teams. Why i chose this topic I chose this topic because I enjoy doing projects like this on something I love like AFL footy. also I know things about AFL i would also like to learn about the history about footy and to be an expert on the game which might help me in the future.I another thing why I chose this is that I love AFL, I play junior footy for the Elizabeth eagles football club , I hope to play for centrals or even the Adelaide crows some day. some of my favourite teams are Adelaide crows (AFL) and Central distract (SANFL). Community football history The SAAFL was formed on March 8, 1911 and the first match was played on May 6 the same year. Since then the league has seen many clubs come and go, and many thousands of matches played. We have provided links below to summaries of all our past seasons, plus other significant historical information. We hope you enjoy reading about our contribution to the history and promotion of Australian Rules Football.Woodville and West Torrens Football Clubs merged in 1991 to form the Woodville-West Torrens Football Club (the Eagles), which recorded its first premiership just two years later. The local football scene also changed dramatically in 1991 with the entry of the Adelaide Football Club (the Crows) into the AFL. In 1997, the Port Adelaide Football Club - nicknamed the Power - became the second South Australian club to enter the AFL. The same year, the Crows won its first premiership. In the process, it became the first AFL club to win all four finals on its way to premiership glory. The club achieved back-to-back premierships the following year. Locally, Port Adelaide Magpies dominated the competition winning seven premierships in the 1990s. By Jacob Morpeth http://www.saafl.asn.au/history How i got my information I got my information by watching AFL T.V shows and games and I did surveys about my topic, my own knowledge and the internet. With my knowledge, and passion for the sport also I read the AFL and SANFL topics in the Advertiser. Patrick Dangerfield 2012 AFL Premiers 2102 NAB AFL raising star 2102 AFL Brownlow medalist 2012 Coleman medalist Sydney swans Jack Riewoldt Jobe Watson Daniel talia My favourite player http://www.sanfl.com.au/the_sanfl/history_of_the_sanfl/ Why is AFL so popular Australia? In conclusion I have enjoyed using this new way to make a project I hope that the people who didn't know much about AFL,SANFL and Community football know more about it now., and can understand why so many have such a passion for the game. In Conclusion
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