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Ancient Egypt

Was Ancient Egyptian Society great ?

Spring Music Rain

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt

Is Ancient Egypt Society Great ? Ancient Egypt Criteria Number1#

The group had a significant achievement
that solves a problem. Yes, it solved problems. I think the thing that solved their problems was the clock. I think the clock solved their problems because if they didn't know the time, then they wouldn't know which time it is, which makes a big problem as an ex:)You have a dentist appointment and you're suppose to be there at 8:00, so you have no idea what time it is, so you call them and then they might tell you that you were to late. So, they cancel the appointment. So, you should have a clock because the clock could solve your problems or in other words you aren't late on your appointment. CriteriaNumber2# Well, I would say No, because the poor had less food, things and rooms in their house. The poor had 1 room hut and the rich had 70 rooms. The poor had less food and less things to wear, and the rich had a room full of clothes and tons of food to eat and wore a lot of jewels. CriteriaNumber3#

Makes a lasting contribution (Does something that is memorable and lasts forever). CriteriaNumber4#

Agreement/unity among the members and
what they do. Yes, they agreed because in their society every single one had a goal/target as an ex:)There is a farmer and he grows corn. He's goal/target
is to earn money by selling corn
2.The group members are/were happy. Yes, because one of the things that lasted forever from Ancient Egyptian time till now was the medicine, because in Ancient Egypt they used plants to use medicine and now are medicine is the same and made by plants. Bye, everyone I hope you enjoyed my prezi

Made by: Al-Sehail, Noor
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