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Geography Project - 7C

Congo's Arms Dump Explosion - By: Ayesha Shakeel

Ayesha Shakeel

on 28 September 2014

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Transcript of Geography Project - 7C

Geography Project
Arms Dump Explosions
The first question that might pop up in your mind might be...
What is an arms dump explosion???
An arms dump explosion is basically a release of mechanical, nuclear, or chemical energy in a sudden and often very violent manner with the generation of high temperature.
On Sunday March 4th 2012, a series of
explosions took place in Brazzaville,
the capital city of the Republic of Congo.
The explosions at the arms dump began
around 8 a.m. local time, in Ouenzé,
north of Brazzaville. The explosions continued
on for several hours, with at least five major
blasts and many smaller ones occurring.
The last explosion noted happened around
1 p.m. local time.
Brazzaville, Congo
Relative Location:
located south of Central African Republic, west of D.R. Congo, east of Gabon and north of Angola
Absolute Location:
is located in Western Africa and is 99 degrees south and 79 degrees east

Children were isolated from their parents.
These explosions caused more than 250 deaths,
over 2,000 people were injured and the explosions
left thousands homeless.
Fire spread all over the city, burning down houses,
offices, churches and more.
The streets of Brazzaville were polluted
and covered with metal and debris.
Map of Africa
Map of Congo
Thousands were left homeless.
According to state officials, the explosions
started at the arms depot in the Regiment
Blinde.These explosions were caused by a
This fire, according to them, was caused
by a short circuit, that ignited a store of
tank shells.
After this unfortunate incident, the Congolese government promised to move the depots outside the city. The same promise was made by them three years ago after another explosion, but the depots were not moved at that time. Hopefully, the Congolese government will now learn from their mistake, once again, and this time, actually fulfill their promise. I think that the government should instantly move the depots outside the city so they do not ever have to face serious and unfortunate consequences as the such ever again.
Because of this unfortunate incident, Brazzaville was immensely damaged and polluted by metal and debris.
Fires created more pollution by burning homes, businesses, churches and many other buildings.
Access to potable water was very scarce for people who were displaced.
A curfew was put in effect.
Thank You!
Main Idea and Points of View
Main Idea
The explosion had a massive effect on Brazzaville, it's residents and even the areas that surround it. The citizens had to face a lot of difficulties during and after the incident.
Access to potable water is very scarce
MDA (Médecins d'Afrique) coordinator Sara Pillar siad, "'We're seeing children who are beginning to have problems with malnutrition. But we lack medicine and other things to properly respond. Of the 200 health check-ups that the organisation's staff carry out each day, a third involve children.
The Congolese government's point of view is not listed in the article.I think that their point of view about this entire disaster is important because we need to know what they think about this situation &how they might be able to solve it quickly.
A mother said, 'Since that day (Mar. 4), I haven't seen either of my two kids. I have been to visit all of the sites, but I've found nothing.
A twelve year old girl named Lucie, who had injuries on her skull and her right arm said,"When the explosion happened, we all ran .I don't know what became of my parents and my two brothers."
The quality of care that the children have been given since the incident was mixed. Nicole Ibondo, mother of an eight year old boy complained, "'My son, who was wounded on the head, hasn't received any care
By: Ayesha Shakeel
he Congo's arms dump explosions effected many innocent people in many harsh ways. People lost their shelter, their loved ones and many more of their valuables in those explosions. We hope that these types of unfortunate incidents that harm people and the environment do not happen again.
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