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What is the difference between Gospel and Spiritual?

By Amber Hunt and Berenice Norman-Bove 8N

Amber Berenice

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of What is the difference between Gospel and Spiritual?

By Amber Hunt & Berenice Norman-Bove 8N
Thanks for


What's the difference between Gospel and Spiritual?
What is Gospel music?
Gospel is a genre of music, which is soulful and feels like it has a raw feeling of emotion. It has a strong rhythm and can include the instruments: organ, piano, drums, bass guitar, tambourine, which help to create a bigger sound. The most popular instrument used is actually our hands - they clap to the beat. Gospel is similar to Blues and Jazz. This music originated from the 1700s, by the African-Americans.
Where did Gospel music originate from?
It was created by the African-Americans when they were in slavery. As early as the 1700's, slaves would gather together after church or in their own secret meetings to sing songs expressing their feelings and faith. Some meetings included the gathering of thousands of slaves for hours at a time. The slaves of that era called their songs 'corn ditties'.
What is Spiritual Music?
Spiritual are religious songs that are associated with African-American Christians from the southern USA, and it has been thought to have derived from the combination of European hymns and the African musical elements made by the enslaved African people.
Differences between Gospel and Spiritual!
Both of these music genres have originated around the same time and they were created by African-Americans but they have very different meanings.
Spiritual music was formed to express the worker's pain and exhaustion during slavery in the US. On the other hand, Gospel was established to show people's love and affection towards God and display their belief.
Furthermore, gospel has some other features which Spiritual music doesn't have such as, the music is almost always written, there is always an instrumental background playing and it's not really about biblical stories.
Key Characters in Gospel Music!
Thomas Dorsey
Aretha Franklin
The Staple Singers
Mahalia Jackson
James Cleveland
The Souls Stirres
The Drinkard Singers
Gospel Music!
O Happy Day!
(Sister Act II)
Ladysmith Black Mambazzo
Amazing Grace
(Harlem Gospel Choir)
Styles of Gospel Music
(Damien Speed)
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