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Aristotle the philosopher

No one betterd him for about 2000 years.

Ronny Torres

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Aristotle the philosopher

Aristotle the Philosopher Born from 384-322b.c. No one bettered Aristotle's work for 2000 years! Aristotle's teacher was Plato, another famous philosopher. Nicomachus was Aristotle's father and the doctor of the king of Macedonia. Aristotle worked on every subject he could think of. Unfortunately he died of stomach illness. His work was recognized through-out the years and still recognized today. By: Ronny Torres Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia.
Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition.Encyclopedia Britannica.Retrieved April 19, 2010. The End Aristotle made his own school called the Lyceum. Thanks for watching!!!!
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