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ESE & ESOL Strategies

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Valentina Vetencourt

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of ESE & ESOL Strategies

Goal Id Students ESE and ESOL students face
common obstacles: Accommodations are not an option that you pick and choose when to allow the student to have.
Whether an accommodation is written or not on the IEP, BY LAW, you must allow the ESE student to access their education.
Accommodations are constantly changing to assist the student. Sometimes they work…sometimes they don’t. As the teacher, YOU must find what works best and USE it!
It is simply good teaching.
Communicate with student, parents and team to find ways to accommodate students in your classroom. Effective Strategies ID students
Read accommodations
Use & individualize strategies ESE and ESOL Students in the Online Classroom Accommodations Common ESE
Eligibilities SLD
Speech & Language
504 plans
Gifted (they have an Ep) If you have ESE or ESOL students: 1. Make sure you read their accommodations and if you have any questions email me at vvetencourt@aveteaching.com or asiegel@somersetdavie.com
2. Contact the parents and keep constant communication with them.
3. Contact lab coach.
4. Provide as much communication with your students and feedback as possible.
5. Provide effective strategies and accommodation so all your students have the chance to perform to the best of their abilities. ESE and ESOL students struggle with language.
The online classroom is a mainstream environment therefore these students need effective strategies to ensure learning.
They both need a positive learning environment where they feel encourage to take learning risks.
Teachers need to be aware of these students individual needs. A successful teacher and students. Identified your ESE students
On the upper right corner you will see find student box. Type the student’s name and click on the magnifying glass.
Once the student’s name comes up click on the name.
The student’s info page will come up.
Look on the left hand side of the screen under main Information and click on External Files.
To open the uploaded IEP at a Glance you need to click the icon of the paper with the magnifying glass.
A box called file details will open.
Click view on the bottom and the document should open. How to Look for Students' IEPs in Genius. 1. Provide options for perception
Offer ways of customizing the display of information
Offer different ways of presenting auditory information (i.e provide scripts).
Offer different ways of presenting visual information
2. Provide options for language, mathematical expressions, and symbols.
Clarify vocabulary and symbols
Support decoding text, mathematical notations and symbols.
Promote understanding across languages
Illustrate important ideas through multiple media.
3.Provide options for comprehension
Activate prior knowledge
Highlight patterns, critical features, big ideas and relationships.
Provide step by step information, visualization and manipulation.
Maximize transfer and generalization. * CAST (2011). Universal Design for Learning Guidelines version 2.0. Wakefield, MA: Author. http://www.udlcenter.org/aboutudl/udlguidelines/principle1#principle1_g1 Be Sensitive Towards students' individual needs.
To the way you communicate to your students, parents and other coworkers.
Many of these students are constantly experiencing failure help them achieve. If you are searching for ESE students in your class.
Click on Enrollment tab.
Look for the Course drop down menu and select your class.
Then find the Special Ed or ELL drop down menu and select YES.
Then click on GET DATA and wait a few seconds to get your list of students.
http://academica.geniussis.com/PublicWelcome.aspx How to find out if you have ESE or ESOL
students in your class.
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