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abdalla halawa

on 29 May 2011

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Transcript of EMG

how does it work ? 1. the ElectroMagnatic waves is genereted
by the RDIF reader. 2. in a exsitance of a RDIF cuircuit, these waves will induct
current in this circuit. 3. This current will start transmitting a small-packets , which
identifies this tag 4. The RFID reader will except or reject these packets. (FM Mixer) electromagnatic
by Abdallah Halawa
PROF. S. Qaisi
04/17/10 Radio Frequency IDentification This communication signals will be generated by converting Electromagnetic waves into current (eddy current), initiating a channel. types of RFID tags : Passive tags : active tags are self-powered,usually by a battery. Passive tags generally operate at a maximum distance of 3 meters or less, and have power only when in communication with an RFID reader. Active tags: Active tags, with their own power source, connectively and intensively transmit and processing data, and over considerable physical distance s. Active tags can communicate with readers 100 meters or more away. Applications Anti-shoplifting Devices Benefit denial tags :  This is a fluid tag. If you steal an item with this kind of tag, you're going to get an unpleasant surprise  The ingenious tags have been designed to break and release fluid Today, the RFID (radio frequency identification) industry claims a 90 percent reduction in theft rates for car models equipped with RFID starters RFID key fob Potential uses
Replacing code bars , It has also been proposed to use RFID for store’s checkout to replace the cashair with an automatic system which needs no barcode scanning. concerns:
global standerdization.
number of needed freqeuncies.
security issues. thanks for ur attention this presentation was perpared using prezi.com
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