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Rugs From Me to You, Lyrics & Meaning

Another assignment, another prezi. Here's a little project for Adv. Reading class. These are the lyrics for the song "Rugs From Me to You" by Owl City/Adam Young and the meaning to all of the words. *sigh*, This is going to be a long winter break.

Victoria Felton

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Rugs From Me to You, Lyrics & Meaning

Rugs From Me to You By: Victoria Felton Lyrics and meaning Lyrics Introduction Ever heard of the one person band Owl City? He's one of my favorite artists. One of his songs, "Rugs From Me to You", is a short song but a really cute one. This Prezi shows all of the lyrics and their meaning, which is hard, since most of Adam Young's songs don't make a lot of sense. The beginning of the lyrics: "Toupee, or not toupee, that is the question." A toupee (pronounced to-pei), is a type of wig that covers a bald or balding spot. What's a toupee? The First Line What is he talking about? Adam is using the trick of words. Since "toupee" sounds like "to pay", it sounds like "to pay, or not to pay, that is the question." So, I guess that he's wondering if he should pay for this toupee or not. Song by: Adam Young, well known as "Owl City". Line two.... The line after that... "It refused to stay as it all turned gray, or William Shakespeare's receding hair." What does he mean by "William Shakespere's receding hair?" Adam is making a refrence to William Shakespere's hair. Here's a picture... See? Bald as ever. See? Bald as ever. Okay, this line makes more sense, but I'm still confused. Can you explain? Adam is making a refrence about his hair again. No matter how hard he tried,
his hair just refused to stay. Of course, this never happened in real life, but this
song must've been something that popped into his head. Line Three #3 Please excuse the pun; It's hair today, gone tomarrow,
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