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Native American Literature - Concept Map (December)

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Tanner Uttecht

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of Native American Literature - Concept Map (December)

How is adversity illustrated in Native American Poetry?
Destructive Behavior
Native American Literature Concept Map
"Smoke 'Em If
You Got 'Em"
"At the Fish
"Magic Fox"
"The Lady in the Pink Mustang"
"Why I Hate Raisins"
"We were drunk too & laughed at his crazed toxicity & ours & the joyous, seasonal harmony, the sad f*cking flux of it all" (Lines 26-30).
Adversity is defined as difficulty or misfortune. In Native American poetry, symbolism, humor, animals, and destructive behaviors define adversity as a problem, ways in which to deal with it, and the resilience of overcoming it.

"They shook the green leaves down, those men that rattled in their sleep. Truth became a nightmare to their fox" (Lines 1-4).
"Beyond the river called logic, salmon climb a ladder to the stars" (Lines 1-2).
"... Maybe next year you can be a little Tinker Bell or something now go get that white boy's candy in the road" (Lines 55-58).
"Not for the sh*ts, or how they distended my belly" (Lines 30-31).

"He takes a deep pull, tosses the cigarette & then melts into a bar filled with veterans, some dead, some working on it" (Lines 12-15).
"She can't keep much trash in a Mustang
and that's what she likes" (Lines 11-12).
"Hurricanes. Tsunamis.
Earthquakes. Random blizzards" (Lines 1-4).
Tanner Uttecht
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