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Diversity - Introduction/Video

No description

Cassidy Day

on 15 August 2012

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Transcript of Diversity - Introduction/Video

So how? Anti-Defamation League's National Youth Leadership Mission BIG wareness espect ducate hallenge C Getting people Involved Our Mission Project CARE As a club we will strive to create a community that challenge We will our community to go against the norm and stand up for what is right. We will raise of what makes us all different in our community. We will encourage people to everybody no matter how different they may be. This all comes from us working to better our community to create understanding of the diversity that exist in and out of our community. educate respect awareness Diversity Club Are you up for the challenge? Big Question: A R E CAREs. It's we still come because in the end to be different, So find your and don't just Celebrate it. identity community. together to create a accept it. okay Thats the picture of an even bigger job... What have we been doing? Raising Awareness Connecting with other communities Bulliten Boards Awareness days Going to Conferences October: LGBT Awareness Month
December: Politcally Correct Month
January: No Name Calling Month
Febuary: Black History Month Step 1: Making McGehee a more comfortable and open community. The Spectrum Learn something new about someone Purpose Recongize differing or similar opinions Create a better understanding of each other Create an opening for new or better discussion How it works Everybody starts in the middle of the room We will ask a yes or no question If you would answer the question "YES" go to the RIGHT If you would answer the question "NO" go the LEFT 1. 2. 3. 4. Be ready to explain your answer. Do you like food? October 20-LGBT Awareness Day March 1-Self Injury Awareness Day Our New Orleans Delegation Monuments Speakers Concert against Hate Breakout Sessions Purple Group Holocaust Museum Student Diversity Leadership Conference McGehee in Philadelphia 1500 Students Family Groups Affinity Groups Speakers Ability
Race/ Ethnicity
Socio-economic class
Sexual orientation Fernhill
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