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Orville Redenbacher

No description

Katie Wilgus

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Orville Redenbacher

The Popcorn King
Original Orville Redenbacher Factory
Birthplace: Brazil, Indiana
Located off of 30
near where N 450 E
crosses 30.

-Lived on a farm
-Youngest of Four children
-Studied at Purdue University for Agronomy
-Their family always grew popcorn and grew their own crops
Orville's Apartment

-Perfect fit for Chesters to grow

-Perfect people, place, and time

-Many farmers were around that were willing to grow the popping corn

-Charles Bowman lived in Valparaiso
Orville Redenbacher's First House in Valparaiso
Why did they pick Valpo?
First Commercial
Filmed in the original Valparaiso Fire Department
Valparaiso Popcorn Festival
Orville Statue
3 Napoleon St Valparaiso,
IN 46383

First long lasting home in Valpo
The children were all grown up except for Gail

Lived in apartment in 1953

Filmed in Valparaiso due to the location of where he lived and the factory
Valparaiso Fire Department, 205 Indiana Avenue, Valparaiso, IN 46383

959 Coolwood Dr Valparaiso, IN 46385

South on Campbell to Lincoln Way

-The location is the start of the parade on the first popcorn festival
-The Popcorn festival honors Orville Redenbacher
-Orville would go to the festival and meet his fans
-Orville Redenbacher always signed autographs
68 Lafayette St, Valparaiso, IN 46383

-Created by Lou Cella
-One of the most well known monuments in Valpo
- company enabled Orville to get a home

-the home was for wife and himself

Our clue leading into Orville's First Factory in Valparaiso:
Our clue leading into Orville's Apartment:
Our clue leading into Orville's Home:
Our clue leading into Orville's First Commercial Shooting:
Our clue leading into the Start of the Route of the Popcorn Festival :
Our clue leading into Orville's Statue :
He sits in the park but does not go home when it is dark.
This was where history was made and don’t forget to stay for the start of the parade.
Orville made his first debut right next to Fire Engine Number 2.
Go into Coolwood Acres and don’t forget your butter and salt shakers.
In 1952, Valpo recognized Orville’s family as new. Go to one of Orville’s first residence.
Before Orville became a star, he had to start somewhere and make jars. Find the location that he manufactured his products.
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