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Copy of Equilibria E-Colors Presentation

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Del Cielo Falcotelo

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Equilibria E-Colors Presentation

Equilibria E-Colors Presentation
What combination are we ?
We are made up of:
A "Relating Thinker"
A "Relating Socializer"
A "Doing Thinker"
A "Doing Socializer"

What is E-Colors?
It helps to identify different personality styles. Not only allowing people to understand yourselves but, those around us, too.
How does it work?
By taking the four-page Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI) online, is the first step in determining your E-Colors
A person's E-Color combination tends to influence their communication and behavioral actions.
-Improved Communication Styles
-Enhanced Performance in daily activities ie. School, Home, Work

* They even have a Junior PDI for children between the ages of 8 - 12yrs

"The Relating Socializer"
The "Relating Thinker"
What are the types of combinations?
There are 12 personality combinations

-The Socializer Doer Red/Blue
-The Relating Doer Red/Green
-The Thinking Doer Yellow/Red
-The Doing Socializer Yellow/Blue
-The Relating Socialiser Yellow/Green
-The Thinking Socialiser Blue/Red
-The Doing Relator Blue/Yellow
-The Socialising Relator Blue/Green
-The Thinking Relator Green/Red
-The Doing Thinker Green/Yellow
-The Socialising Thinker Green/Blue
-The Relating Thinker
Presented by: Eboni Russell, Nahomy Ramos, Christy Li, Priscilla Admako
The"Doing Thinker"
The "Doing Socializer"
Noticeable Traits
The Left Hemisphere "Does" and "Thinks"
The Right Hemisphere "Socializes" and "Relates"
Sequential Analysis, Logic, Language,
Mathematics, Rationale, Logic Based.
Looks at Parts, Objective,
Independent, Non - Emotional.
Visual, Spatial Skills, Emotional, Holistic Functioning "seeing the bigger picture".
Auditory and Visual Memory, Random, Intuitive, Subjective, Interdependent.
How can we work together ?
- We all have something to bring to the table
- For Example: Christy can provide her organizational skills while, Nahomy brings her social skills to help thins run smoothly. Eboni, who is more fast paced will make sure everything is on time yet, Priscilla makes sure everything is completed.
How can we distribute each task ?
- By making sure that everyone's role is played in total with the cooperation of the group. Yes, as all humans do our personalities we may "clash" yet, together we can all compromise.
-Choose when they want to be around people
- Must have people around me most of the time
- Like to see people happy
- Will stand up for myself and others
- Willing to cut corners in order to get to objective
-Often Impatient
-Fast Lifestyle
-Low key
-Likes to make others feel comfortable and
- Naturally supportive, conversant, listens and expressive
- Positive Relationships
- Diversity among people
- Independent
- Lack assertiveness
- Dislike Conflict
- Private Person
- Very Reliable
- Detail Oriented
- Dislike Change
- Tidy/ Organized
- Increase pace of work
- Perfectionist
- Open to people with different E-Colors
- YELLOW/RED to coach/ mentor
- Person who focuses on goals
- Highly focused
- Dislike being told what to do
- "either" "or" mode
- Need to be less afraid to ask for help
-Make sure everything is on time
- Anxious under pressure

Fact #1
- Birth order can influence your personality
*First born children "bossy" or "responsible," last-born children are"irresponsible" and "impulsive." <-Concept
Fact #2
Your personality is stable throughout life.
* Study's show that the "core" parts of your personality remain stable.
Fact #3
Research show that there are five core personality traits
Priscilla & Eboni - Priscilla gets very anxious under pressure versus Eboni is most fast paced and doesnt mind it
Nahomy & Chrsity- Nahomy is very sociable and likes to make people feel comfortable versus Chrsity is most reserved and kept to herself.
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