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JMU Off Campus Life

No description

Lisa Mathews-Ailsworth

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of JMU Off Campus Life

JMU Off Campus Life
Golden Rules:

#1: JMU does not own nor manage any off campus property.

#2: Legally JMU can not promote or demote any property.

Off Campus Ownership
Privately Owned & Managed
less than 30 properties
Privately Owned & Managed Externally Operated Locally
Locally Owned & Managed
Nationally Owned & Managed Locally

In Harrisonburg, no known complexes have management offices out of town, some off site.
JMU Public Safety
JMU has hired police officers to patrol on campus that are trained and authorized offices off campus as well

JMU has helped to pay four additional Harrionburg Police Officers to patrol highly populated student areas.
Encourage Personal Responsibility
OCL Involvement - Phone Call
OCL Complaint Log
Property Management - Chain of Command
On Campus Mediation
Off Campus Mediation
City of Harrisonburg Building Inspector’s Office
Better Business Bureau
Fair Housing Laws

Harrisonburg Redevelopment & Housing Authority
-Student must file complaint

No one may take any of the following actions based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap:

Refuse to rent
Refuse to negotiate for housing
Make housing unavailable
Deny a dwelling
Set different terms, conditions or privileges
Provide different housing services
Falsely deny that housing is available

Harrisonburg City Inspector
-Student must file complaint


Building Codes
No grading (standards)
Word of Mouth
JMU Student Paper Reviews Properties
Google Reviews
OCL Complaint Log
Off Campus Ownership
Privately Owned & Operated (less than 30 properties)
Privately Owned & Locally Operated
Locally Owned & Operated
Nationally Owned & Managed Locally
Housing Guide
Print Materials
Distribution of materials
University Program Board
Sponsorship of Events
Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation
Signage on and in buses

Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation
JMU & off campus properties subsidize HDPT for uses of buses
JMU Statistics
19,927 enrollment
32% Live on campus
68% Live off campus

*Roughly 14,000 students this year
The policies and regulations governing private student housing (off-campus accommodation).
The policies and regulations governing private student housing (off-campus accommodation).
The organization and practices of off-campus accommodation in urban university settings.

All Binding Contracts
Types of Leases
The grading (standards) and accreditation of off-campus facilities.
The marketing by universities of off-campus accommodation opportunities.
The management of safety and security in off-campus accommodation.
The transportation links between off-campus accommodation and the campus.
The management companies have sole ownership of how they run their properties.

However, we are able to offer more resources to the students and help them to understand their rights and responsibilities as a tenant, thus saving the landlord time and money.
What management models of the relationship between on- and off-campus accommodation best succeed in terms of effective management and positive student cultures?
What are the outcomes of public private partnerships on effective management of off-campus accommodation cultures?
On Campus Resources
All students are encouraged to use the resources available on campus - University Recreation, Learning Centers, Health Center, University Unions, etc.

Due to increasing supply of off campus housing properties:
-increase in amentities provided:
gym facilties, pools, study rooms, computer labs, etc.
-began hosting their own events
How and what role do campus residences play in connecting off-campus / commuter students to student life, and what requirements does this translate to in residence spaces?
Off campus properties and JMU are not financially bound in any way, positively or negatively.
How do the off-campus management assist the university’s through put rate?
The accountability measures by which the universities hold the off-campus facilities to account.
Encourage personal responsibility
Research prior to moving in
security measures of complex - gates, cameras, officers, etc.
Educational outreach
Timely notifications - Jeanne Cleary Act
The day-facilities on campus for off-campus students.

The evaluation by student users of off-campus accommodation facilities.
The integration / interaction of off-campus accommodation students with campus residential students.
Issues related to Off Campus Properties not university owned
-Unable to have any control over properties
-Educating students to read leases
-Unable to release students from lease when withdrawn from university
-Unable to promote/demote properties
-Unable to verify if properties are safe/well maintained
-Difficult to engage students on campus once their courses are over for the day
-Unable to track where all students live, and whom they are renting from
+JMU has no financial obligations
+Teaches students what the "real world" will be like
+Issues arise as properties age, and as housing supply expands/contracts

Ways to counter issues
+Hire personnel to be an advocate for both the students and the landlords
+Charge properties to advertise on campus
+Require students to live on for allotted amount of time
+Hold students accountable for actions on & off
(ie judicial and roommate related - mandatory roommate mediation)
+Require course if moving off to learn laws governing rights and responsibilities of tenants
+Create strict solicitation policies
+Work closely with local government to regulate where zoning will be changed to accommodate student housing

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