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Creating a Career Action Plan

No description

Ron Orick

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Creating a Career Action Plan

Creating a Career Action Plan
1. Establish Job Interests
Identify jobs of interest
Conduct an interest inventory
Note the job outlook and payscale for the jobs in which you are interested
Consider StrengthsQuest matches
2. Exploration
3. Preparation
Review the skills employers are seeking for your job titles of interest
Utilize the Qualification Identification Worksheets to identify your skills that need improvement and then set up steps to improve them
4. Implementation
Track your progress
Steps to take
Scheduled dates of completion

5. Success!
Start matching your skill sets with jobs!
Apply for jobs that best fit your skills and interests
Once you have position titles:
Use a search engine to locate current job postings to:
Identify the top 3 job duties and qualifications for at least 3 job titles in which you are interested
List the top job duties and qualifications using the Qualification Identification Worksheet
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