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maya incas and aztec

by:holly belden

Holly Belden

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of maya incas and aztec

glyghs wher carved in stone called steles some door ways looked like a monsters mouth. they are more successful then the aztec. they did not fight in the open where the spaniards could use their horses Maya by holly belden Incas farmers were alowed 1/4 of their crops. many of the streets still have the many walls they have copper hair color they have black eyes Men stood 5 feet tall. women stood under 5 feet tall they wore simpel clothing made by wool they where named after their leader Sapa Inca. Aztec long before aztec there had been other powerful states in mexico arts where greatly respected the kids began school when they where at an early age. the kids parents were strikter then the parents to day many of the mexicans hated the aztecs. by: holly belden Maya,Aztec and Incas
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