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Untitled Prezi

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Ehsan Shammasi

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Timeline 2002 I was born !

Brazil won the World Cup !!!

Iran won the World Wrestling Championship !!!

The Dubai International Financial Centre opened 2003 I moved to Oman !!!

U.S launched a war against Iraq

There was a terrifying earthquake in Bam, Iran

Dubai organized its first jazz festival 2004 My first trip to Dubai

Athens hosted the Olympic Games

Iran made its first domestic satellite

Sheikh Zayed died 2005 I moved to Dubai !!!

Youtube was launched !!!

Iran won the Weightlifting World Championship

The Ski Dubai opened in Mall of the Emirates 2008 2006 I traveled to U.S.A. and it was my first year of school

Twitter was launched !!!

Iran had its first cloned sheep

The Palm Jumeirah opened 2007 I bought my own PSP !!! ( PlayStation Portable )

Apple .inc introduces the Iphone !!!

Iran has won the volleyball world championship !!!

Russian president Vladimir Putin visits the U.A.E 2009 I traveled to France and Italy, I also learned ice skating !!!

The King of Pop Michael Jackson dies !!!

Iran's president was re-elected

The Dubai Metro opens !!! I had my throat operation !!!

Beijing hosts the Olympic Games !!!

Milad Tower opens in Tehran

The Dubai Mall opens 2010 I traveled to Turkey !!!

Spain won the world cup !!!

First carrefour opens in Tehran !!!

Burj Khalifa opened !!! 2011 I bought my Ipad and I saw snow for the first time!!!

U.S army executed Osama Bin Laden !!!

Iran launched a satellite into space !!!

Diego Maradona became the coach of Al Wasl Club !!! 2012 I traveled around Europe !!!

London hosts the Olympic Games !!!

An Iranian movie 'The Separation' won the Oscar !!!

Sky News Arabia started broadcasting from U.A.E 2013 My first Nerf gun !!!

Barak Obama starts his second term as the president of the U.S

Iran sends a monkey to space !!!

U.A.E national football team won the gulf cup !!! Bardia Shammasi 5A
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