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Sport in the USA, Commercialism, The American Dream and American Football

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Andrew Lewis

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of Sport in the USA, Commercialism, The American Dream and American Football

Sport in The Usa Commercialism It is well known around the world that in Amercia, sport is closely linked to buisness. Even amateur teams use commercialism. Both Private and Corporate business use sport to promote products and good will as well. They know this will promote products effectively because sport is watched across the whole nation It has almost become a tradition for whole towns to go and support their local college or school team at the sport, and even here the schools get big sponserships. College players are given top class coaching and great support to let them achieve their potential. They are often funded by TV and sponsership deals Once the Best college players have achieved their potential then they could be drafted to play in professional sports, if this happens they would become reliant on commercialism. Commercialism isn't all about money for the star it is also about influencing young, hopeful children to play by the rules, even though the profit is quite healthy. Positives Negatives gives athletes a better cahnce of success Promotes events, that might not happen without it. Only a few performers get super rich. People who do become rich become "mobile adverts". Can lead to the traditional values of the sport being lost. The American Dream We often hear the term "The American Dream" but we don't really know what this means.A lot of people believe that sports stars have achieved it but have they? "The American Dream" is thought in some cases to mean that you have to work to what you want to achieve and that it doesn't come from your background. It is also thought to be the idea of success, freedom of equality and security. You can become rich and famous from nothing no matter what age, gender or ethnic background. Sport is often use as a useful vehicle of success because often there is more chance of making it big in the USA than in your original country because you are given a better education and have a higher chance of becoming a professional Origins of American Football Itis the most popular sport in the USA, we refer to it as "American football" or "gridiron" it is called this because of the pitch markings that form a grid. It is a physical sport but also requires intricate tactics to confuse and fool the opposition it can be known as "mobile chess or "a mixture of both brute force and science" The game developed in the prestigious universities such Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Rutgers. This is similar to the English public schools.at the start there were no universal rules, some allowed running where as others didn't. At one point it was considered so rough it was bannd. In 1869 the first inter-collegiate games started between Rutgers and Princeton. no carrying of the (round) ball were allowed and there were 25 players on eah team. By 1900 the game became a violent, sensational, hazardous conflict. It required great physical force to succeed. The playersdin't wear muchprotection so serious injuries an even death wweren't uncommon. But President roosevelt cleaned up the game. Toughness, endeavour, ferocious courage and physicality wre needed to be successful at the game. and this showed huge colleration with early US settelers.The Frontier spirit of the pioneers, and their ability to stand up to harsh and unforgiving environments has shaped some aspects of American society today. Gradually handling and carrying of the (oval) ball were introduced. So were the forward pass and the "snap back" to the quaterback. After time it developed its own rules, tactics and style of play. Commercialism of American Football American football has become a mult-billion dollar business over the years due to commercialism and the NFL is a group of companies. There are two types of team. they are either privately owned, for example the Chicago Bears, or they can be publiccompanies, such as the Green Bay Packers foundation.Teams are either bought or inherited and run as "franchises". Tv networks increase the costs of the NFL because they compete to get the coverage. Some NFL franchises even relocate miles away from their traditional fanbase for profit. The NFL is made up of two sections: the American football conference and the National Football conference. The two Conferences are then split up into four divisional sections - North, South, East, West - which makes eight groups in total The Championshipgame of the NFL is called the Super Bowl and is played on a Sunday hence the name "Super Bowl Sunday" This has become the second-largest food consumption day in the US after Thanksgiving. The Super Bowl has become a hot spot for adverts. The estimated cost for a 30 second advert is $2.6 million. The half time is one hour long and many TV networks take advantage of the huge TV audienceby scheduling independently produced half-time entertainment. In recent years Music stars such as The rolling stones, Joss Stone, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and Paul McCartney have performed at half time. By Andrew Lewis 12ZI Just some of the Sports stars produced in the USA.
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