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The Dogs of Babel

No description

Minhyo Kang

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The Dogs of Babel

The Dogs
of Babel PLOT SUMMARY: * Protagonist: Paul Iverson: Linguist at a university.
* Next main character: Lorelei, his Rhodesian Ridgeback.
* Beginning of book is him mourning, but the remainder
of the book is him trying to teach Lorelei how to talk. BEST FEATURE #1: EXAMPLE #1: "The day was warm, and we drove with the windows
open. Breeze on my arms as I drove. Savor it now,
the day, the breeze. Run the memory of it over your
tongue. Speak it aloud; there's no one listening. Say
"sun" and "hot" and "day". Close your eyes and remember
the moment, the warm pink life of it. Lexy's body in
the seat next to mine. Her voice filling the
car. Let it wash over you.
It ends soon enough." EXAMPLE #2: Page 78 to 79:
about it. BEST FEATURE #2: * Was born January 18, 1971, in Manchester, New Hampshire. * Received her B.A. degree from Wesleyan University
and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from
American University. * Has been married
since 1998 and has 2 children. * Currently lives in Washington D.C. * Good description = IMAGERY.
* Book disgusted me, and almost
made me stop reading. BEST FEATURE #3: * "Love at first sight" kind
of story.
* 1/3 mushy-gushy,
2/3 depressing.
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