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Our Solar System

No description

Steve Harris

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Our Solar System

Mr. Steve Harris Assessment Photo Album Mr. Steve Harris Let's learn about our Solar System!! What will we learn about the Solar System and the Planets? I can describe night time and day time on Earth and this affects how we live on Earth. The Solar System Song Our Solar System I can describe the Sun, the 8 planets, and the Solar System. I can describe the important order of the planets and the relationship between the Earth and other planets. Diagnostic Assessment Please write the answer to the following questions on a sheet of paper: How do you learn best? Help Mr. Harris by answering a few questions: 1. Do you like to learn in small groups or a whole group?
2. Do you like to work alone or with a partner?
3. Do you or your parents know a lot about any of the Planets, the Sun, or the Solar System?
4. Do you have a place to study/complete your homework at home?
5. What was your favorite class last year? Explain why. Let's see what you already know about the Solar System! Learning Checkpoints (Formative Assessments) KWL Chart What do you already KNOW about the Solar System? What do you WANT to know about our Solar System? What did you LEARN about our Solar System? How are you going to show Mr. Harris what you are learning? #1 Exit Slips
Mr. Harris will ask you to explain or
draw a picture to show your
understanding from the days learning. #2 Student/Teacher Conference with reflections of student work. Performance Assessment You are going to show Mr. Harris and your classmates what
you have learned by creating a Power Point Presentation about the Sun and the Planets. Rubric for your Power Point? 1. Power Point Presentation
included all 10 slides (1 title slide and 9 slides – one for each planet and the Sun) in the presentation. The Sun and planet slides are in order starting with the Sun and moving further away 2. Each slide includes: 2 pictures, name of planet, and 4 important characteristics that are from the specific planet (size, time of orbit, moons, and physical feature. 3. The presentation portion focuses on sharing information with the audience, through the use of music, tone of voice, pictures, and media. 4. Presentation showed evidence of answering all essential questions. 5. Student included 1 picture on each slide, and 2 media components (color, sound, or video) throughout the presentation. 6. Presentation has no spelling or grammatical errors. Solar System Test By the end of the unit on Our Solar System, you will complete a
test that consists of multiple choice questions, true/false questions, short answer/fill in the blank questions, and extended response questions. Essential Questions:
Enduring Understandings: How does the solar system relate to our night time and day time on Earth? There is an important relationship between the Sun, Earth, and the planets in our Solar System. Why is it important that there is an order to all of the planets in our solar system. How does the spinning of the Earth affect our daily lives?
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