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The Pilgrims

No description

Rachael Streitman

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of The Pilgrims

Plymouth & The Pilgrims: early-mid 1600s
Let's Reflect (1)
What comes to mind when you hear the word PILGRIM? Share with your table and draw your thoughts on the piece of paper provided.
VOCABULARY (write down!)
A Protestant group. Believed the Church of England had too much power, and that the bible was the authority.

A religious group that made their own churches,
from the Church of England

Members of a Puritain separatist sect that left England
Plymouth Rock & Mayflower Compact
Pilgrims wanted to land in Virginia, but got off course and ended up further north, in Massachusetts. They called this place Plymouth.

Before landing, all the men on the Mayflower wrote & signed the Mayflower Compact

Half the pilgrims died from cold and sickness the first winter
Pilgrims take off...
English leaders start to punish the separatists, so some decide to leave... This group are referred to as PILGRIMS

First they went to the Netherlands, but felt they were losing their English customs...

Next they went to "Virginia"... but really... Massachusetts.
Something like this?


(protested catholicism)
What & Why: The Mayflower Compact
An agreement or

The first-ever document in the colonies to establish

Signed only by

When the Mayflower went off-course and didn't land in Virginia, some people on the ship thought it meant the charter from England no longer applied (which spelled out the rights and privileges of the colonists)
Pilgrims and the Natives
The native population was thinned out by diseases from earlier European explorers.
English-speaking natives
introduced themselves to the Pilgrims. One was
He had been captured and taken to Europe as a slave, but eventually returned to the Americas, to find his tribe had been wiped out by illness.
Squanto taught Pilgrims how to grow maize
(corn), how to fertilize the soil
Squanto helped
pilgrims develop a relationship with the Wampanoag
tried to convert Natives
to Christianity.
They didn't have peaceful relations with all tribes, though- and
engaged in warfare with some Natives

Objectives & Learning Goals
Students can explain how European explorers settled in the Americas for RELIGIOUS (and economic) reasons
Describe who the pilgrims were
Explain why they traveled to the Americas
Identify their social covenant/contract
Describe the relationship between Pilgrims and natives
We will watch the video in 2 minute increments
During that time, write down 2-5 questions
They have to be about something audible (words that can be heard)
NOT OK: "What color dress was the woman three people over from the right wearing?"
OK: "What did the guy with the hat say when he rode off on the horse"
At each pause, I'll field a handful of questions. If you "stump" me and I don't know the answer, YOU WIN. If I know the answer, YOU LOSE.
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