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What does Australia have to Offer?

No description

Thuy Ann Nguyen

on 14 November 2015

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Transcript of What does Australia have to Offer?

What does Australia have to Offer?
Henry Phillip
Layla Smith
Crude Petroleum
Crude petroleum is one of several products that Australians export.
(Australia is located here!)
Crude Petroleum
The source of crude petroleum is an iron ore. An iron ore is a mineral that you can extract iron from.
Crude Petroleum
Crude Petroleum
Crude Petroleum
Crude Petroleum
Crude Petroleum
This good comes from Western Australia. It is Australia's most enormous petroleum company.
Guests should consider importing this good because it can produce heat, and can provide power for machinery.
It is also in chemical substances such as plastic and paint and medicine.
Interesting fact:
Fossils of sea creatures that combine with the sand from ocean leave behind chemicals we use to produce crude petroleum!
Interesting Fact:

91% of Australia's fuel is imported from different countries.
To end this presentation, why can't we save up our finite products for the generations to come instead of wasting it?








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