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Social Media: Creating Anti Socialism

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Veronica Hahr

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Social Media: Creating Anti Socialism

Facebook, created in 2004, is used by 57% of all American adults, and 73 % of young Americans age 12-17.
What is social media?
-Social media is defined the interaction between people through technology in virtual communities and networks.
How was social media developed?
-The concept for social media has been around as long as 1994 with one of the first social media sites,
.The basic idea for this particular site was for users to create their own websites.
How did it become so wide spread?
-With this new era of smart phones and quick communication, it's only inevitable the concept of social media was established and the increasing number of participants shape and mold the progress of it.
-Benefits of using social media have gone from sharing or exchanging ideas and files to building a reputation and finding career opportunities.
What is social media?
On average, Twitter users combined send 40 million tweets daily.
-Social media has been critcized as influencing future generations to become self obsessed and incapable to form healthy relationships with others
-rapid communication and consumption of information has been argued to affect concentration, and lead to impatience habits
-Studies have shown that this lack of concentration leads to absence and lower grades
-At the same time, social media can help establish friendships and gives timid people a way to communicate and feel acceptance
-Yet, by the same token it doesn't teach those who require social skills actual social skills because they aren't in the company of real life peers
-Overall, although social media can have a good side, the long term outcome of constant exposure to social media isn't positive
What are the real benefits of social media?
The founder of Tumblr is 26 year old David Karp.
-Those without social media sometimes feel left out, and can be pressured to get a form of social media
-Instead of asking for someone's cell phone number, people now ask if they are on any social media
-Those popular on social media gain popularity in real life, and vice-versa- it negatively impacts someone's life if they are deemed unpopular on social media
-The personal lives of people are bought to attention by everyone who sees it, and lead to gossip and isolation, instead of socialization
-All this being said, social media positively impacts us as well. Some introverts use it as a platform to socialize, and end up actually gaining fame and therefore, confidence.
How exactly does social media impact us?
Social media applications, such as Snapchat, have been the subject of much controversy. In January 2014, Snapchat hackers gained access to over 4.6 million of it's users profiles and information.
-Online dating websites such as Match.com, were originally disputed against, but are now widely accepted. Reportedly, 1 in 8 marriages in 2013 met online.
-This new wave of tolerance and indulgence in social media seems to forget the possible dangers of meeting strangers from online, or talking to strangers online. Meeting new friends is good, but teenagers need to learn how to be safe about it and what precautions to take.

How safe is social media?
Social Media: Why is it a social problem?
By Veronica Hahr 5/1/14
More videos are uploaded to Youtube in one month than 3 of the major U.S television networks in 60 years.
Ironically, social media is said to create anti social behavior. Studies conducted at California State University have shown that the increase in participation in social media and decrease of participation in real communication highers risks for depression, anxiety, insomnia and other mental disorders.
-Teens entranced by their cell phones can develop worry some 'checking' habits for their social media.
-Social media can also lead to cyber-bullying. Dubbed 'internet trolling' by those who witness it, the lack of direct confrontation allows people to feel more free to be mean and victimize others.

How does social media create anti socialism?
How does social media provoke narcissism?
The number of total Instagram posts clocks in at over 20 billion.
Social media sites such as Instagram allow users to post as many pictures as they want daily. Some users shape the concept to post many pictures of themselves daily, and provoke other users to do the same. This creates a sub culture of self absorption.
-Personal lives and self descriptions are brought to the light in profiles created by members of social media. Although this enables users to express themselves, it indirectly disables them when they can't express themselves in real life.
-Tinder, a dating application from the Apple Store, allows users to rates each other based on physical apperance from photos. Users can also decide to chat or meet each other, creating a relationship all initially depended upon by looks.
-Self absorption disables people from having healthy relationships with others.

Vine took 3 months to reach 1 million users.
-Limiting the use of time spent on social media greatly reduces the anti socialism and narcissism it can cause.
-Only belonging having one or two social media sites gives you more time to develop a skill or do something proactive instead of spending time online or on phones.
-Staying safe on social media, using long passwords and keeping personal information private can prevent a lot of issues, especially those caused by hackers or strangers online
How can we prevent negative effects of S.M?
Snapchat is valued at over 800 million dollars.
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