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Paper Review

No description

Linda Mao

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Paper Review

Term Paper

Compare the operational efficiency of two types trust companies
Search the possible reason of the difference.

Cause Analysis
Analysis Design
1.Descriptive Statistics
2.Fish-Bone Analysis 3.Tobit Regression
The Development Strategy of Chinese Trust Company

Presented by Sidi Feng
Wei Li
Ming Xu

Descriptive Statistics
Fish-Bone Analysis
Tobit Regression
Probable Causes

Have a deepen cooperation, and then promote the business ability
Integrate the resources of all financial cooperation under the group, develop channels, and reduce operational costs of the group
Improve the company's management ability and the professional level of the business
Organizational Decision Making MADS6610/V4
Fairleigh Dickinson University
April 25, 2014
Instructor : Dr.Michele Vincenti

Since 2005, China's trust industry has entered a rapid development phase, from 2008 to 2011.

Financial industry in China:
Bank, Insurance, Securities &Trust

In 2012, Trust industry become the second financial industry in China.
The Chinese Asset Under Management 2008-2012 (trillion yuan)
The licensed trust companies in China before 2009
ZhongRong Trust, Tibet Trust, Hisyn Trust
Sample Selection
Performance of Trust Companies
Pure Group
Mixed Group
Two significant indicators:
(1) the number of employees;
(2) the proportion of product structure;
Specific Data from yearbooks of each company
Pure Group
Mixed Group
The major shareholders should break the concept as an extensive platform with the trust companies, stopping to control the profit in the trust companies;
The mixed trust companies should actively promote the establishment of its own marketing channel;
Follow the market regulation, through the market fair value to measure the return rate of products, and the full use of the advantages of large shareholders.
between trust companies and trust companies controlling shareholder; (
Large shareholder benefits transport, Majority Control
of business structure is one of the reasons; (
More Assembled Type
Optimal regulation
is superior to passive accept to
big shareholders' control
The root cause should be the majority control and the tunneling.
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