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OIT225 Final Project

No description

jennifer nogle

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of OIT225 Final Project

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Webster defines conflict as a disagreement through which the parties involved feel a threat to their needs, interests, and concerns. Conflict resolution is a very important interpersonnel skills to possess. Problem solving skills
-Cause of conflict (knowing the cause can help find the solution) (is it power, resources, recognition, or acceptance related)
-Determing needs of others (knowing needs can help reduce conflict)
-active listening (helps with communication and reducing conflict)
-identify points of agreement (knowing agreement points help reduce conflict because it helps with compromise which helps with conflict
-create a safe environment
-do not react too quickly
-do not seek to win
-seperate from others Compromise defined as something intermediate between or blending of two things.
- Like a marriage, compromise must exist in workplace relationships. Avoid gossip! Gossip is one of the number one reason conflict occurs in the workplace. Give credit when it is due... if not credit is given conflict will more than definitely will arise.
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