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University of Oklahoma

No description

student 6th

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of University of Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma
- Founded in 1890
- Located in Norman, Oklahoma
- Roughly 30,000 students are enrolled
- Consists of 15 Colleges, and 152 Majors
- Has two major Museums on Campus
- Has 19 Athletic Programs associated with the University

University of Oklahoma
- University of Oklahoma has a very successful and historic athletic department.
- Consisting of 19 programs, all of which are associated with the NCAA and most of which are part of the BIG-12 Conference.
- Oklahoma's most historic athletic program is the Universities Football Program which is considered the best college program in the history of College Football
- Consists of 15 Colleges, and 152 Majors
- The most popular Majors include: Aviation, Meteorology, Geology, Petroleum Engineering, Energy Management, Architecture, Law, Medicine, and Native American Studies.
- The University ranks in the top 50 of Public Universities.
- It ranks in the Top 100 of all National Universities.
- As mentioned before, the University is home to two renowned Museums.
- Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
- Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
Education and Degree programs
- Founded in 1890, in Oklahoma Terriotory near Indian Terriotory 17 years before the two became the State of Oklahoma

- The University burned down in 1903, and was rebuilt where it resides today.

- The architecture of the University is different then any other, they blended greek with cherokee design.

- The University was one of a many Universites to establish a Navy program during WWII to get people interested in that branch of the military.
History of the Univeristy
University of Oklahoma
Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum
-Highest Win Percentage of any college program at 76.2%
-Most wins since WWII with 606.
- 7 National Championships
- 44 Conference Championships
- 5 Heisman Trophy Winners
- Oklahoma holds the record for the longest winning streak in Division I history with 47 straight victories.
-Oklahoma is also the only program that has had four coaches with 100+ wins
Oklahoma Football
University of Oklahoma
Meterology and Petroleum Engeneering
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