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Effective Practice Online Seminar Series

The Social Research Unit at Dartington was commissioned by the Youth Justice Board to deliver a series of webinars designed to help promote the use of evidence and evaluation in youth justice.

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Transcript of Effective Practice Online Seminar Series

Online Seminar Series
Commissioned by

This Effective Practice Online Seminar Series is a component of the Youth Justice Board’s (YJB) effective practice activity, specifically aimed at promoting the use of evidence and evaluation in youth justice.
All seminars in this series support the launch of the ‘Innovation and Evaluation in Youth Justice’ materials that are designed to provide youth justice practitioners with advice and information about programme development and evaluation.
The series does not
promote the YJB’s vision or specific approach to effective practice as such. However, it covers concepts and discusses ideas that we all agree are important and essential in achieving the best outcomes for children and young people.
The aim of these seminars (or 'webinars’) is to equip practitioners and commissioners with the skills and expertise to use evidence and evaluation methods in their work in order to grow an evidence base specific to the youth justice system.
The Social Research Unit at Dartington was commissioned by the YJB as independent experts to deliver this series of webinars.

For more information on
YJB effective practice:

What is evidence-based practice?
What are evidence-based programmes?
How to commission evidence-based programmes?
How to implement evidence-based programmes?
How to develop & test innovations in practice?
The national and local context for evidence-based practice.
The concept of evidence-based practice and some of the different perspectives on it.
'EBP4': A summary of what we mean by programme, policy, practices and processes.
The concept of standards of evidence and how they apply to EBP4.
Review of UK context.
What is a programme -- including features of effective programmes.
What makes a programme 'evidence-based'
Examples of evidence-based prevention, early intervention and treatment programmes relevant to youth justice.
Compendiums of evidence-based programmes with an emphasis on programmes that address outcomes and risk and protective factors relevant to youth justice.
Strengths and weaknesses of EBPs for a youth justice setting in England and Wales.
The national and local context for evidence-based practice.
Analysis of needs and policy.
Selection of evidence-based programmes.
Market development & procurement.
Innovative forms of contracting.
Benefits and disadvantages of commissioning evidence-based programmes.
What is an evidence-based programme.
What is fidelity and why is it important.
How to monitor fidelity.
Manuals - what they are, how to develop/use them, why they are important for high quality implementation.
Serving the right people.
Making programmes 'system ready' and systems 'programme ready'.
The contribution of staffing and organisation to implementation.
Why innovation is important.
What innovation is.
Journey from innovation to proven impact.
How to improve intervention specificity.
How to improve system readiness.
How to improve evaluation.
Examples of innovative programmes concerned with anti-social behaviour and what they are doing to improve against standards of evidence.
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