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No description

Veronica Delgado

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Portfolio

Veronica Delgado Portfolio Project Opening Reflection Physics Work I'm proud of ! Two Smart Goals My Tattoo I recently got a tattoo of a pocket watch on my ribcage. I've wanted a tattoo since I was 14. My dad almost took me to get my first tattoo of a star on my wrist but I chicken out the last minuet, But what was the point in getting the tattoo and what did it mean to me? Absolutely nothing, I just wanted one because I knew I could get one. I'm glade I didn't get that tattoo because I know I would be regretting it right now.The tattoo I recently got will help me look back and grow as a person. Thank you A.C.E.S and all of the wonderful teachers that have taught me! I owe the teachers that have taught me the past four year in aces so much. I tell my friends all the time "I know for a fact i would probably be a drop out or a total disappointment to my family in many ways if I never came to A.C.E.S" I was a mess at the high school, I would skip almost all my classes and I started to fail my classes and yes I did fail my math class. i would hangout with the wrong crowed that always wanted to do bad things. I was being influenced in the wrong direction by them and i can't put all the blame on them because I know I would put a big part in my destruction as well. at the high school math was my worst subject by far, I hated math because I always felt like an idiot. I would be in class physically but mentally i would be somewhere else. I didn't even know my English and social studies teachers names (they were my teachers for a good 7 months too.) The only teachers I do remember were Mr. T and Mrs. (something) they were my earth science teachers. I connected with Mr. T the most, I secretly do think he knew I had my own set of problems. I left Fox Lane not knowing what 2x2 was. When i came to aces after my first full semester I got into honors and since I've been at A.C.E.S gotten honors or even high honors. Something I would have never achieved if I stayed at the high school. The small classes are great because I was never have been a loud person or the person who would raise her hand and ask for help or even answer questions. Some of my teachers at the high school I didn't even say one word to them the whole time I was in their class. A.C.E.S made me grow so much and i hope my teachers can see that, the girl I am today I would have never been if I never came here. I’m not too proud of how I have handled this year so far when it comes to my academics and also my social perception in school. I feel like I started really strong and I wanted to have straight A’s. I had all these ideas of having the best year and especially because it's my senior year. Going into school this year was great it felt the same as the other years. Now, as they year is going on I did not feel so great about myself, and I know that has reflected on my school year so far. This year so far has not been easy for me because my father and I don’t have that great of a relationship as we have had in the past. It hurts because I want to view him as I did when I was six when he did no wrong. When my father was my father, the best man in the world who would never do anything to hurt me or the people that I love. Growing up actually shows peoples true colors and now that I’ve seen my fathers, I hope to grow up and not make the same mistakes and deal with it. I want the rest of this school year to be just that, school. To not worry about what going on at home and to learn to separate those two things because school won’t always wait up and work around the crap that happens at home. I want to grow stronger and prove everyone wrong and leave ACES with straight A’s and high honors. I owe it to my mother and myself. The first thing that bummed me out this year has to be the fact that one of my favorite teachers is gone. Even though O.G was a very goofy man I never wanted to skip his class because he made me understand the work and he took time to help me. Not only with class work but he gave me advice when it came to my home life as well. I remember when Nicks father passed away I was really upset because I wanted to let Nick know that I was there for him but I didn’t know exactly how to do that because Nick isn’t a very open person. O.G took me aside and told me that the little things matter like giving a phone call and giving him some space. He made me feel so much better and that’s something that stuck with me, and it meant a lot to me that he took time to make me feel better. Walking into Physics this year was horrible knowing that O.G would not be teaching me my senior year. I did not welcome Zhou with open arms and I did not care enough to actually learn and take in what she was trying to teach us. I do know I need physics because I want to be a nurse more than anything right now. I need to work harder at Zhous class to make that dream happen to work my way up to being something great and making my family proud. I am actually the kid almost all my other aunts and uncles teach their kids to not be like. It hurts, but it’s even a bigger motivation to try harder. Not my best work At the beginning of the year I got this grade and hoped to bring it up but I didn't. I really hate that feeling of failure but I will feed on that feeling because I really rather feel the opposite of that. I started off the year really strong, then I didn't care and then I worked hard again and I got an A in one of Zhou's class and I was very proud of myself. At the the begging of the year I was doing very poorly in her class and i was determined to do better in her class and graduate with honors but it only go worse. I was one point above failing her class. I was very disappointed but there wasn't anything i could do because i tried to work in her class and she claimed that i refused to do my work so I know there is no point now in speaking with her but i should have when i saw my horrible grade. I wanted to ask her why she would say i refused to do her work in class when I am not that type of person to be openly rude to a teacher and say "hey im not going to do your work." It's okay though, now i just want to work on standing up for myself when i feel like I am being treated wrong. I don't hate Zhou I just hate physics and I wish we ended in better terms. This year I didn't achieve this, but I hope that
I will when I'm off to collage. My grandfather was a really bad alcoholic and he would do terrible things to my grandmother, my father and his brothers. I know it has affected my father very strongly because when I was little I knew he would drink and do stupid stuff like drunk drive and cry all night and say pretty scary things to us. He stopped for a very long time but recently he did something to our family that I know he regrets. He started drinking again and he wont stop, he drinks when his life is really bad and he is depressed and when he doesn't know how to deal with it any other way. A couple years back I caught on to what my father did and how he dealt with his problems and I picked it up. I was very depressed and cutting myself and my big pain reliever was drinking. I wouldn't drink for fun with friends I would drink because I wanted to forget and numb myself to the pain I felt. It didn't help it only made me feel like shit and since 9th grade I've done it a few more times. The truth is that I don't really cry and let things out so easily unless it was really bad, but when I would drink all the anger would come out. I got the wake up call that I wanted to stop when my brother was going to start up with the same things i was going through. He looked/looks up to me now and then, and I don't want him to remember his older sister as the drunk girl who was never there for him. I want to set an example for him, be there for him like he has been there for me when I didn't have anyone to turn to. He is one of the main reasons why I decided to stop what I was doing. I stopped and I've been sober for about 3 years now and I want to keep it that way I don't want to disappoint anyone else, especially my brother. In art class i sketched out a few pocket watches that I wanted tattooed on me and of course me being disorganized like I am I lost the original sketch I wanted done. The day before I got the tattoo I quickly sketched out what I wanted done on me and I e-mailed Sheila, the lady at the front desk. The tattoo took a good 2 hours to finish, it wasn't too painful until the last 10 minutes. The last few minutes killed, I cried it was so painful. This is the last minute sketch I did for the idea of what I wanted my tattoo to be. THE FINAL PIECE
Two hours and a lot of tears later it was finally finished. I am 100% happy and in love with the out come. What does my tattoo mean? The tattoo has to do with two very big things in my life. My mother and alcohol. I explained that alcohol has played a big part in my family for many years. And as of now it happened in the past and it will stay there.The past is in the time and now i know i want to stay better and i want the future which is also time to be bright. I want to move past everything that has happened to me and leave what happened in the past. So in other very short words it means that in time i know things will get better. Now what this has to do with my mother is that she suffered A LOT from what she has had to deal with. She always said that we have to live for now and forget the past and only move forward and not to think about what people say. She grew up with people judging her and so have I. No one thinks I can make it, but i know i will and that's something i never want to forget. I will prove them wrong especially when it comes to school. I will be among one of the first kids in my family to graduate from high school and one of the first to go to collage and finish and make myself a professional one day. The tattoo means a few things and i know as long as i have it by myself to remember what i went through i hope to not forget and just keep looking at what the future has waiting for me and not give up. The outline of my tattoo took a good hour and a half but it was done with no tears. First smart goal:
I am going to start reading every night for at least 30 minutes every night right after work or school if I don't work that day. I want to do this for 3 months straight and finish reading 7 books if not more. When I finish a book I'm going to write a book review on a journal and keep it with me so my the end of the year i have a nice little notebook of all the books and i hope to fill it up and when I do I'm going to drop the book off at Whalens desk next year so he can read all about the amazing books I have read :) Second smart goal:
i would like to stay after with Mrs.Z on the days i don't have work. The only problem is that i work just about everyday so that wont work out to well. If that plan doesn't fallow through if Mrs. Z is okay with it I would like to stay after with her during lunch everyday to review what we did in class for 5 to 10 minutes. A few days before a test i would love to have lunch with her and review the material for the test. I hope this would help me improve in physics because i know this is the class I'm really struggling in. i would like to take baby steps and do this with her for a whole unit and see where it takes me from there. I would like to end the year with straight A's. One of the first teachers that I immediately liked was O.G, his class made me laugh and i would stay after with him sometimes until 4 studying and reviewing the work i had to catch up on. O.G made it clear and I learned pretty fast. I am so grateful to of known O.G. Mike Has to be the only math teacher that I have ever liked and the only math teacher that made me not completely dread going to his class. I have not failed math once since i came to aces and I find that amazing and I know my mom is very grateful for that I don't want to admit it but Whalen is a very excellent English teacher even though he doesn't ever know when to stop talking I actually do enjoy going to his class and writing poetry and learning to do our work on websites. Loni was also another great teacher that helped me a lot, she did challenge me on doing hard work and she was tough on me when I wanted to quit or be lazy. I was very proud of the work I did in her class and i never felt like that before. The end
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