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Habeas Corpus

No description

kimberly calaj

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Habeas Corpus

What is Habeas Corpus?
A legal order for an inquiry to determine whether a person has been lawfully imprisoned
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10 facts about Habeas Corpus act of 1679
1. The British government passed the English Habeas Corpus Act 1679 in response to a public outcry about people being incarcerated unlawfully.

2. An act for the better securing the liberty of the subject and for prevention of imprisonment beyond the seas

3. Passed during the reign of king Charles ll

4. The Act of 1679 followed an earlier Act of 1640

5. Further Habeas Corpus Act were passed by the British Parliament in 1803,1804,1816, and 1862

6. The Act of 1679 is remembered as one of the most important statutes in English constitutional history.

7. The Commons introduced the bill where it passed and was then sent up to the House of Lords.

8. The bill went back and forth between two different houses

9. They need prof against the prisoner to put them in jail

10. if any person or persons shall be or stand committed or detained as
aforesaid,for any crime, unless for felony or treason plainly expressed
in the warrant of commitment.

How does the Salem witch trials be different if Habeas Corpus existed?
Proctor: " I hope you're not takin' this for proof, Mister. (II,74)
How does the Salem witch trials be different if Habeas Corpus existed?
Giles: " You know well why not! He'll lay in jail if I give his name. (III,97)
Habeas Corpus

Kimberly calaj

Thank you!
How does the Salem witch trials be different if Habeas Corpus existed?
Danforth: " Marshall take him and Corey with him to the jail."(III,120)
Why is Habeas Corpus important?
1) The right of Habeas Corpus protects a prisoner.

How does the Salem witch trials be different if Habeas Corpus existed?
Francis: " For murder, she's charged! " For the marvelous and supernatural murder of goody Putman's babies " (II,71)
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