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Naruto Uzumaki Hero's Journey

No description

Luis Ruiz

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Naruto Uzumaki Hero's Journey

What makes Naruto odd in this case would be the fact that he is a Jinchuuriki.
A Jinchuuriki is a vessel which contains a Bijuu which is one of the 9 tail beast.
The Call to Adventure
He wants to be the greatest Hokage to ever live aswell as to be accepted by the people of Konoha.
They blame him for the deaths, and destruction that occured when the 9 tails was released.
Refusal of Call
There no refusal but doubts which he received from the people of Konaha. Which affects Naruto and doubts himself for a short time.
Supernatural Aid
The supernatural aid comes in the form of Kakashi Hatake. Who is an outstanding ninja.
Naruto Uzumaki Hero's Journey

Crossing the First Threshold
Chunin Exam Stage 2
Naruto and his team now face the second part of becoming a ninja.
In this part they tell him that he could be injured and even face death.

Belly of the Whale
Naruto's first official mission. Naruto is faced with a stronger opponent. He is saved by Kakashi. He realizes that he was useless during the fight. After, he understands that if he wants to be the greatest Hokage, he must grow stronger physically and mentally.
Road of Trials

Meeting with the Goddess
After spending a few years with his team. Naruto finally feels some sort of love. Which he never experienced because he is an orphan.
Although Naruto himself does not die. One of his teamates. Sasuke joins the evil side. He leaves Naruto and he tells him that the Sasuke he used to know is dead.
Refusal of Return

Naruto's primary goal changes within the story. His primary goal now is to rescue his friend Sasuke from the evil.
Rescue from Without
After trying to be accepted, rescuing his teamate and becoming the Hokage. Naruto is lost, he needs help.
Naruto's Failed Journey
Eventually Naruto fails his journey.
This is just the first season of Naruto. Which is about 5 years. The next part of Naruto is where he continues.
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