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Inventions & Innovations 2012-13

a.k.a The Egg-Cellent Egg Cracker

Robert B

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Inventions & Innovations 2012-13

The Egg-Cellent Egg Cracker
Isn't it just horrible when you crack open an egg and the yolk oozes all over your counter? Not to mention how the egg shell breaks into a million pieces leaving tiny slivers in the white. That won't happen with the Egg-Cellent Egg Cracker. The Egg-Cellent Egg Cracker leaves no mess in your kitchen and is dishwasher safe.
Model 2
The 2nd version of the device enclosed the egg to contain potential messes. A second spike was added to the cover which would poke a hole in the top of the egg. The second hole breaks the vacuum inside the eggshell allowing the whites and yolk to exit through the bottom hole. The last major revision added legs to the the device. This made it more stable and prevented it from resting on the bowl.
Final Assessment
The Egg-Cellent Egg Cracker will improve the cooking industry. Eggs are common ingredients in recipes and cooks are always having trouble cracking them. The Egg-Cellent Egg Cracker can also be modified. It can be manufactured to poke holes in multiple eggs at once for industrial purposes. We imagine The Egg-Cellent Egg Cracker in the hands of almost everyone.
The original prototype was never completed. As we were building it, we found many flaws. Pieces weren't lining
Model 1
Model 2
Plan & Create
Identify the Need
Model 1
Model 3: Physical Model
This model was made from acrylic, cardboard, FIMO clay, and glue. The first two models were renderings created in SolidWorks, a 3-D design tool. Constructing a physical model proposed new challenges. We forgot to factor in the thickness of the cardboard, so it was necessary to trim/adjust the individual pieces. Also, we didn't inset the cover so that it wouldn't slide around. The bowl was relocated from inside the center to allow movement of the lower spike. We made use of the hole that was already cut and placed the bowl underneath the contraption. Finally we included a strainer to separate the yolk from the white.
The Function
Crack the egg
Separate egg from shell
No Mess
Not resting on bowl
Glass to protect from shattered egg
Bowl and Strainer to separate whites from yolk
Open Base
After we decided what the invention would be, we began brainstorming what components would be necessary to complete the device. This is explained in the following diagram. --> -->
Model 3
First Thoughts
Later Thoughts
The Components
Body: The base, which connects to the other parts
Bottom Legs: to make sure the machine wasn't resting on the bowl
Bowl: To catch the egg whites
Strainer: To separate the whites from the yolk
Egg (not included): sits in strainer
Lower Spike: Pokes hole in bottom of egg
Glass: to protect users from the egg
Lever: Pull to lift the spike
Knob: Handle for the roof
Roof: holds the Upper Spike
Upper Spike: Pokes hole in top of the egg, allowing the yolk and whites to exit the shell.
Top legs: hold up roof.
The Energy Source
When deciding how it would work, we wanted to have our machine powered by a renewable resource. Originally we thought of using electricity, but decided against it because it is a simple machine. In addition, the wiring would complicate things, and prevent the device from being dishwasher safe. Our next thought was solar power, but there would still be wires, and you would not be able to use it in the dark. Therefore, we decided on human power.
Build A Model/Prototype
Present the Solution
The Egg-Cellent Egg Cracker [is/isn't] a reliable machine used to crack eggs.
up or working the way we imagined (bottom spike lever). New ideas developed rapidly that could not be incorporated
into the first format (upper spike). Major modifications led to the 2nd design.
Thank you for your interest
in the
Egg-Cellent Egg Cracker
Please Exit
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