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World of Warcraft

No description

Santiago Ardila

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of World of Warcraft

"World Of Warcraft" It's a "Massivelly Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game", This game requires active concentration and a social sense of team work in order to get done what you need or can do. Many people think it's an asocial game, for people with no life, well actually it requires you to interact with many people just to even do something, like instances, raids, battlegrounds, arenas, duels and even just leveling The game is based on an older game saga named warcraft, which was inspired on a fantasy novel written
initiated by Robert A Kanaak, named "The Dragon Day". The gameplay is based on an RPG mechanic
you choose a race either from the Alliance or the Horde, then choose a class that fits your game play, say melee, caster or range. Alliance:
An "Alliance" conformed by human, dwarven, gnomish, elfic, draenish and worgen races, all united by the king of Stormwind: Varian Wrynn Horde:
Another alliance, this one conformed by: troll, elfic, forsaken, orcish, tauren, and goblin races, united currently by warchief Garrosh Hellscream Things to do:
-Rated Battlegrounds
The World:
The world is divided in 6 major continents: Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outlands, Deepholm, Northrend and in the most recent expansion Pandaria. PVE:
Abbreviation to player vs environment, in WoW it can be found in: instances, raids and leveling itself, it has different roles, fulfilled with by the different classes Roles:
Healer: A class that can heal its allies when they are taking damage
Tank: A class that can take damage to protect its allies.
DPS: (damage per second) a class that damages the enemies as fast as it can Classes I:
Warrior: Tank, DPS Priest: Healer DPS
Shaman: Healer, DPS
Warlock: DPS
Mage: DPS
Paladin: Tank, Healer, DPS Classes II:
Rogue: DPS
Druid: Tank, Healer, DPS
Death Knight: Tank, DPS
Hunter: DPS PvP:
Abbreviation for player versus player, its a gamepley in which you play against different players or player teams to complete different objectives PvP Types:
Rated Battlegrounds Battlegrounds:
Alterac Valley
Arathi Basin
Eye of the Storm
Battle for Gilneas
Twin Peaks
Warsong Gulch
Strand of the Ancients
Temple of Kotmogu
Isle of Conquest
Silvershard Mines Arenas:
Ruins of Lordaeron
Circle of Blood
Ring of Trials
Ring of Valor
Dalaran Arena
Tol'vir training grounds PvE: Professions:
*Leather crafting
*Jewel Crafting Professions:
*Herbalism Professions:
*First Aid
*Cooking. Expansions:
*Classic (WoW)
*The Burning Crusade
*Wrath of the Lich King
*Mists of Pandaria WoW: 8 Year Anniversary Expansions:
-Classic WoW
-The Burning Crusade
-Wrath of the Lich King
-Mists of Pandaria
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