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Caramel Frappe'

No description

ranniya foster

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Caramel Frappe'

McDonald's McCafe
Caramel Frappe' Aleida Arreaga, Ranniya Foster, Daniella Peña
Enlgish 9
June 6, 2013
Period 5 Mcdonald's Background Information - Mcdonld's was founded in San Bernardino, California on May 15, 1940.
- It was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald
- Mcdonald's serves other products like
hamburgers • chicken • french fries • soft drinks • coffee •milkshakes • salads • desserts •breakfast McCafe's Fraps - Mcdonald's Mccafe Caramel Frappe
was first put into market in

-Slogan use to advertise this
product is "blended is beautiful",
"Relax its Frappe' time"

-They advertise the product
through televison and billboards all over the U.S.

- Around 1,500 people are served the drink a day .

- People who can afford a caramel frap from mccafe would be middle class.

-Mostly teens and adults buy this drink. McCafe's Background Information - McCafe' however was founded in 1993 in Australia by the same people as mentioned anteriorly. - McCafe serves other drinks such as - McCafe big competitive coffe shop is Starbucks. *frappe's *smoothies *shakes *mcflury's
*chocolate *iced coffe *reg. cafe * latte and etc - McDonals's main competitive resturant is Burger King, but also all the other hamburger fast food places. Caramel frap comes in handy - A mccafe caramel frap can be helpful when in
need of energy or satisfaction. *Examples
- in a hot day many crave something cold and good, well a caramel frap does the work. - Mccafe's caramel frap has caffeine included so when need of energy a quick sip of a frap can pump it up. Continuation.. -Everyone enjoys a Mcdonal's Mccafe Caramel Frap! - It's only $3 rounded up,
pretty inexpesive Creamy, Cooly, Caramelly! McDonald's Mcafe Caramel Frap! Advertisement -We will advertise our
product by creating a
bill board.
-We will have
costumers who bought
the product advertise the
drink on our billboard and anyone else who has tried it
and has been satisfied with out product. :) Persuasive Techniques used:

Bandwagon: there are many people on the billiboard drinking the product " everyones drinking it you should too."

Transfer: There's faces on the billboard but no one is saying anything directly so they want you to associate the product with these faces of ordinary people like us.

Slogan: Everything's better with a sip of frap

Effective - Our ad will be effective because it will fullfill the purpose to catch attention and people will want to try McDonald's McCafe Frappe.
-In order for them to try it they will have to buy it and a garantee is given that they will be back for another one another day.
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