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Soul Eater

A quick summary of Gothic elements in Soul Eater.

Andrew Kerr

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Soul Eater

A short Disscussion on the Gothic Elements in It Has: Witches Souls Mad Scientists A Personification Of Death That Used to Look like this But now looks like this But he's still freaking Death It Also has: A city Dedicated to the personification of Death Spider Castles Once Creepy as Moon One happy Sun Tim Burtonesque locations Ok Characters. Here is the main cast 42-42-564 (Shini-shini-koroshi Roughly translates to: Die-Die-Kill Symbolism People who are Weapons Insane hallucinations
And my brain. 'Personifications' of madness Ok this is Dr. Franken Stein. They are one and the same.
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