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Lesson 35: The Slacker Family

No description

Jimmy Simmons

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Lesson 35: The Slacker Family

Lesson 35: The Slacker Family
for information in illustrations to support text interpretation.
character traits
motivations and resulting behavior.

background knowledge
the meaning of a text.
how a writer created the humor in a story through
and story events.
the humorous way problems are solved.
how illustrations add to the humor in a text.
Word Study
Recognize and use
vowel sounds
with r (r-controlled syllables).
for meaning.
that reflect an understanding of characters and events.
Looking for Bigfoot
Let's share some of our thinking from the text "Looking for Bigfoot".
What was the story about?
What happened in the story?
What do we know about the main character?
What do we know that was not told to us in the text?
What did you notice about the pictures?
What was the message in the story?
Search for and Use Information
Read pgs 18 and 19 and as you read:
Think about how the author showed us what Professor Piffle was like.
Remember, Professor Piffle wanted to prove that Bigfoot was not real
Then we will talk about why the professor didn't see Bigfoot following him. That made the story pretty funny.
Fluency: Intonation
Look at the picture on pg 24. Bigfoot is behind Professor Piffle just like he was all through the story, but Miss Piffle can see Bigfoot. I am going to read pg 23 and 24 the way I think Professor Piffle and Miss Piffle would talk.

Your turn....as a class read page 23 and 24 out loud and try and sound just like i do.
New Book
Your new book today is called "The Slacker Family. Notice the logo on the front of the book. This is the first book in the Slacker Family Series. There ore 4 books in this series. On the front cover, you see the members of the Slacker family
Mrs. Slacker
Mr. Slacker

You noticed the Professor Piffle didn't really look all around him. If he had, he would have seen Bigfoot. He never look behind him even though Bigfoot was following him the whole time.
He was so happy to find that he had been right that he didn't turn around. But as readers, you know Bigfoot was there because the illustrator showed him.
Lets Talk about what made the book funny!
Word Study: r-controlled syllables. What do you notice?
Except for Slug, all of the Slackers are very, very lazy!!!! I' mean Ultra Lazy.
Read the back cover and share at your table what you are thinking.
Let's look at some of the funny situations. Pg 4 and 5.
What do you see in the illustration?
This scene is key because it establishes that the Slacker's are lazy and also the fact that Slug keeps things going.
TPS.......What are you thinking?
The reason that the Slacker's look so odd is that all of their clothes are dirty.

Pg 6...... You see Violet dressed in the Kitchen curtains.
What do you do when all of your clothes are dirty?

These pages give you an idea of how the Slacker's talk. Listen while I read pgs 6 and 7

What did Mr. Slacker mean by "We're all in the same boat"?

When Quentin answered "Go fishing?" it just didn't make sense. It was a silly answer as if they really were in a boat. The Slacker's are funny like that!

Turn the page and see Slug there. Read what Slug is saying at the top of page 9. So Slug knows what the family should do, and he is whining and scratching at the laundry room door. Slug finally opens the door and the slackers look at the laundry. The pile of laundry looks a lot like of sorting and washing and drying and folding. But then Mrs. Slacker has a brilliant idea. Find the word brilliant on page 13, and break it apart with your fingers.
When Mr.Slacker says, "Better than brilliant!" on page 13, what do you think he means? Brilliant can mean "very bright and shiny", and it can also mean "very smart- a great idea."
Turn the page and you will see what the brilliant idea was on page 14. What are you thinking?
That's the kind of thing you will find when you read about the Slackers. They are always doing really silly things because they are very lazy.
This book is divided into three separate stories. Turn back to the table of contents on page 3 and look at the titles of the three stories. The first one is called "Laundry Day". But they didn't really do the laundry, did they? What are the second and third stories?
As you read the second story, think about how lazy Mr. Slacker is. What kind of job could he possibly do? You'll read three stories. Each story is separate, but each tells about the same family and the very silly things they do.
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