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Interdisciplinary Family Health

No description

Rhondda Waddell

on 13 July 2014

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Transcript of Interdisciplinary Family Health

Full Throttle Ahead
Through the IFH connections the Health Science Center students went on to start up several free clinics: The Gainesville Community Ministry Primary Care Clinic; The Monday Night Mental Health Clinic; and the Homeless Pet Well Care Clinic.....
Full Steam Ahead Captain
"Dr. D a brillant left brain and I a rabid right brain, spent much of our time debating which direction to take during this wild and crazy flight.....I needed him to keep me from flying to close to the sun.....and he needed me to help lift his wings up off the ground.....it has been a blast being a part of such a great ride. Guess what it ain't over yet........"
Fear of Flying
Due to a childhood accident Dr. D had a lifelong fear of flying........but he was known to fly by the seat of his pants often leading the newly formed IFH program.
Intraprofessional the Top Gun
Today intraprofessional health professions education is all the buzz as the hottest teaching method. It took a radical grassroots core faculty from each HSC college to clear the runway for IFH to become the required and respected course that it is today....
Fearless Funding
Dr. D secured grants to support the initial IFH program, and fearlessly approached each Health Science Center Dean to obtain long-term sustainable funding for the program.
Interdisciplinary Family Health
Dr. Richard A. Davidson
Karla Shellnut
Family, Youth, & Community
Gail Childs
Randall Doty
Sharon Bradley
Gwen Creel
Physical Therapy
Dr. Richard Davidson
Rhondda Waddell
Gina Murray
Cindi Wielgos
D.J. Brunson
Paradox Hillsboro, NC 1984
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