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Wheatley - Space is Not Empty

No description

Nick Debbins

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Wheatley - Space is Not Empty

Nick Debbins MBA653 Margaret Wheatley
Space is Not Empty: Invisible Fields That Shape Behavior Main Purpose Explained The use of quantum physics to explain the ways in which ideas and actions resonate within business leadership and management. • Why did you pick this chapter(s)?
• What were the important ideas presented in this chapter(s)?
• What impression did these ideas have on you?
• How are these ideas different from traditional thinking?
• How do these ideas further your understanding of a new thinking?
• What other ideas do you think might be aligned and/or correlated with these ideas?
• How would you present these ideas to your organization?
• How do you think that they would be received by your organization and why?
• What might be some effects on your organization if it adopted these ideas? Directional Questions: Gravity
What Are These Fields? According to Wheatley in all theories pertaining to fields within quantum physics, "fields are unseen forces, invisible influences in space that become apparent through their effect." (2006, p. 51) Fields Explained In order to be successful we need to be "... beacon towers of information, standing tall in the integrity of what we say, pulsing out congruent messages everywhere. We need all of us out there, stating, clarifying, reflecting, modeling, filling all of a space with the messages we care about. If we do that, a powerful field develops - and with it, the wondrous capacity to organize into coherent capable form." (Wheatley, 2006, p.57) Empty Space is not really Empty Magnetic Electrical For Example: Fish suspended and swimming through water: "If we were to observe fish, unaware of the medium of water in which they swim, we would probably look for explanations of their movements in terms of one fish influencing another.: (Wheatley, 2006 p.51) Vision as an Example According to M. Wheatley Margaret Wheatley describes vision as "organizational clarity about purpose and direction." Furthermore she explains that, "...in creating a vision, we are creating a power, not a place, an influence, not a destination." (2006, p.55) What This Means For Business Leadership These fields become the unseen aspects of a business such as culture, values, vision, and ethics These things cannot be seen except for their effects
The messages being portrayed by leaders in order to obtain desired results must always being progressive on a single shared continuum
As one employee acts another is affected Vision, like fields, need to be unilateral and progressive in order for them to be successful. The vision needs to be practiced fully in order for it to come to fruition, not just simply talked about. In other words all employees need to be on board and understand the vision at hand and as a leader you must do what you say it is that you plan to do. Without the "invisible fields" being filled with a congruent power all employees are liable to find themselves off track and heading in different directions
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