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No description

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Skateboarding

The beginning of skateboarding
The first skateboards were made around 1970s.
The skateboard was invented because surfers wanted to surf on land.
The wheels of the skateboard were made with clay or metal.
Later they got replaced with the skateboard wheels we know today.
Professional skateboarders
You are a pro skateboarder when you are sponcerd by a skateboarding brand.
One of the most famous skateboarder is tony hawk.
Ryan sheckler is also a sponcerd skater, he even has his own mtv show.
Skateboarding brands
One of the famous skateboarding brands is Vans. A lot of people don't even know that it is a skateboarding brand.
there are skateboard brands that make clothes and others make skateboard parts.
all these brands have their own skateboard team (a crew).
Styles of skateboarding
There are a lot of different styles of skateboarding like street ,vert, gap and rail.
The first style was vert.
Vert means skating on a very big halfpipe called a vert.
Later the street style got very popular.
Street means skating on the street.
Why I like skateboarding.
I like skateboarding because you can do anything , there is nobody to say what you can and what you can't do.
I made a lot of friends because of skateboarding.
A very old picture.
my Board.
The downsides of skateboarding
When you are a skateboarder most people think very negative about you.
People will often yell at you for skateboarding or making to much noise.
Some people will tell you to go away, this is called a kick-out
The parts of a skateboard
The most in crucial part of a
skateboard is the board itself
skaters call the board a deck.
The trucks are the metal things
under the deck, a other name for
truck is bone.
Skateboard wheels are made from
polyurethane this is a special kind
of plastic.
A interview with Tony Hawk
1 when did you first start skateboarding?
Tony Hawk: when I was 7 years old I saw some skaters in a skatepark and I thought: I can do that and I asked a skateboard for my birthday.
2 What was the the first trick you did?
Tony Hawk: the first trick I did was a ollie ( jumping in the air with your skateboard under your feet.)
3 Why do you like skateboarding so much?
Tony Hawk: the feeling you get when you land a trick is so amazing, That is one reason why I like skateboarding.
4 What is the biggest accomplishment in your life ?
Tony Hawk: doing a 900 degree spin in the air. the first 900 ever.
5 What is your worst fall ?
Tony Hawk: the worst fall I ever had was when I was skating a loop, I missed the loop and landed right on my back.
6 Do you skate often with your son ?
Tony Hawk: I skate everyday with Riley, sometimes in the backyard and sometimes at a skatepark
7 why did you start a skateboard company ?
Tony Hawk: I started it just for fun and people really liked my company and it turned out to be very successful.
8 What is your favoriter trick ?
Tony Hawk : My favorite trick is the 900.
9 what is your middle name ?
Tony Hawk: My middle name is frank.
10 Do you have a nickname?
Tony Hawk : Birdman.
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