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Fall 2013 Orientation Presentation

No description

ASSA Presentations

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Fall 2013 Orientation Presentation

Mission Statement

Our most important pursuit is inspiring the quest for academic excellence of our student-athletes.

Our professional staff partners with the UCF community to support our student-athletes with the transformation from high school to college graduate, by providing an environment that fosters and celebrates learning.

ASSA provides a structured academic support program, focused on integrity and accountability, to guide our student-athletes on their chosen journey for excellence.
Kimya Massey– Director of Academic Services for Student-Athletes

Darrick Brown- Associate Director; Football

Sarah Hill – Assistant Director; Women’s Basketball, Women’s Soccer

Jennifer Alger – Assistant Director; Baseball, Men’s Basketball
ASSA Staff
ASSA Staff
Margaret Dann- Academic Advisor; Rowing, M.Tennis, W. Tennis, Volleyball

Derick Brown- Learning Specialist; Softball

Jessica Mills- Learning Specialist; W. Track
ASSA Staff
Brittney O'Dell- Learning Specialist; Football

Adam Hubbard- Academic Advisor; M. Soccer, M. Golf

Miguel Negron-Academic Advisor;Football

Vanessa Hernandez- Office Manager
Athletics- Administration & Support Staff
Todd Stansbury- Vice President and Director of Athletics
Brad Stricklin- Senior Associate A.D./CFO
David Hansen- Senior Associate AD, Internal Operations
Jessica Reo- Sr. Associate AD for Student Services
Zack Lassiter- Senior Associate AD for external operations
Mark Wright - Asst. VP. Athletics Department
Manoj Chopra- NCAA Faculty Representative
Marcus Sedberry- Director Student Services
Summer Session B 2012 Calender
Residence Hall Opens
Classes Begin
Drop/Swap Deadline
Add Deadline
Grade Forgiveness Deadline
Withdrawal Deadline
Classes End
Final Exam Period

Residence Hall Closes
June 23
June 25
June 28
June 29
July 19
July 19
August 3
Given during the last class meeting
August 3
Summer Holidays-ASSA CLOSED
Independence Day July 4
Fall 2013 Calender
Residence Hall Opens
Classes Begin
Drop/Swap Deadline
Add deadline
Grade Forgiveness Deadline
Withdrawal Deadline
Classes End
Final Exams
Residence Halls Close
August 15
August 19
August 22
August 23
October 28
October 28
December 2
December 4-10
December 11
Fall 2013 Holidays
Labor Day September 2
Veterans Day November 11
Thanksgiving November 28-30
Review from Advising Presentation
College Level Study Skills
Grade Forgiveness
Academic Probation
Academic Eligibility and Retention Committee
Why should you meet with your ASSA advisor?
UCF CREED-5 Tenets
Course Registration
Record must be clear of holds
Completed through MyUCF portal
Communicate ALL schedule changes with ASSA advisor
Can seek help from ASSA advisor
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for registering and knowing what courses you are registered for
Activate and maintain your Knight's Email account at www. knightsemail.ucf.edu
Check e-mail on a daily basis to avoid missing critical information from the university.
Have an up-to-date emergency email address and cell number in case of crisis on campus.
Presented and updated at MyUCF through the Student Service center
What is MyUCF?
Each of you will have an academic mentor
Paired with graduate assistant or advisor
Meet at a designated time,1-2 times/ week for 30 minutes
Mentors will help keep you on-task and focused on your weekly academic goals
Typical Session
-Go over your notes, make sure you bring ALL of your materials
-Plan out when to study and what to study
-Go over your papers and assignments
You will get to know your mentor very well!
Desktop Computers
Wireless, high-speed internet for personal laptops
Study Tables

No cell phone use
No removing or tampering with hardware or software installed on the computers
No inappropriate use of computers
Respect others using the lab, QUIET ENVIRONMENT
No food or drinks
Use of the Lab
Laptop Computers
Check-out when traveling for competition
Available to athletes who are unable to access labs on campus due to injury
UCF Academic Policies
UCF Academic Policies
Drop/Swap & Add Policy
Students can make adjustments to their schedule with no penalty if done before the deadline. If completed during the drop/swap and add periods, the changes will not be recorded on the students academic record.
You will only be able to drop classes until Aug22. After this date, it becomes a withdrawal.
You will be able to add classes through Aug 23.
Grade Forgiveness
Students can forgive up to two UCF courses only. It may not be used for the same course twice. The second course grade will be calculated into your GPA. The deadline to apply for grade forgiveness is the withdrawal deadline of the semester in which you are repeating the course.
ASSA & UCFAA Policies
Course Selection Policy
Student-athletes MUST seek approval from an ASSA advisor on each course selected in each term. It is imperative that student-athletes only take courses that are degree applicable.
Class Attendance Policy
Student-athletes are expected to attend all classes unless excused for athletic competition or a documented illness from the Athletic Training Staff.
Course Withdrawal Policy
Student-athletes MUST seek approval from an ASSA advisor and head coach prior to withdrawing from any course. Student-athletes MUST be registered for a full-time course load in order to practice or compete.
Course Failure Policy
If a student-athlete receives a tuition scholarship and fails a course, the athletic department may consider the student-athlete responsible for refunding the cost of the course, or a fine in lieu of the full cost of the course.
ASSA& UCFAA Policies
UCF & UCFAA Academic Dishonesty Policies
University Policy - Plagiarism and Cheating of any kind on an examination, quiz, or assignment will result at least in an “F” for that assignment (and may, depending on the severity of the case, lead to an “F” for the entire course).
UCFAA Policy - Student-athletes are to inform the academic advisor within 24 hours if he/she is accused of plagiarism in a course.
ASSA & UCFAA Policies
UCFAA Online Networking Policies
Student-athletes are precluded from having pictures or statements that could be deemed inappropriate as determined by UCF or the UCFAA. Examples include but are not limited to:
Visible/identifiable alcohol and other drugs (AOD’s) and paraphernalia
Sexually provocative and explicit photographs
Vulgar/obscene language
Comments that ridicule, mock or criticize any person or groups of people
Comments that reveal the mental or physical condition(s) and or well being of teammates or other UCF student-athletes
UCF Degree Requirements
UCF Majors = 120 - 128 hours
UCF Minors = 18 – 24 hours. Student-athletes may obtain a minor only if the student has room for free electives
General Education Program = 36 hours. These requirements vary by degree. Please see your advising guide, page 20
Gordon Rule – 6 hours of Math and 6 hours of English completed with a minimum grade of C-
Last 30 out of 36 hours need to be taken HERE at UCF to get the degree
Things to know
Get acquainted with your surroundings
Competition on & off the field
Be responsible!
Be accountable!
Ask questions & be alert
Plan ahead
NCAA Eligibility
24 HOUR RULE – You must earn 18 semester hours between fall and spring and 24 semester hours during the year.
*Only 6 hours of remedial courses can apply to your 24*
*No more than 6 summer hours can count toward your first 24*
6 HOUR RULE – You must earn at least 6 hours of degree applicable courses to be eligible to compete in the subsequent semester.
NCAA Rules & Regulations
What you need to know to be ELIGIBLE?
Key Numbers
≈120 credits to graduate
Academic Services for Student Athletes
Fall 2013
2.0 Cumulative GPA
12 Hours per semester
24 Hours by the end of Summer 2014
Free Printing
Computer Lab
If you are no longer on the team FOR ANY REASON (quit or excused from the team) it is YOUR responsibility to withdraw yourself from all classes---current enrollment and future enrollment.
UCF Academic Policies
Dropping Classes
Available in more than 75 courses for all student-athletes, five nights a week
One-on-one and small group sessions

Individual appointments are arranged by advisor
Other academic resources on campus:
Supplemental Instruction
Writing Center
Math lab
Student Academic Resource Center (SARC)
Log In: First Initial Last Name
Password:Last Name
Once you Log In you can change the password
No Walk Ins
Students must contact an advisor 6 hours before scheduled appointment to cancel it.
All No Shows will be charged $10.00
To their MyUCF Account
Excused absences are case by case
Sunday appointments, you must cancel by 4pm on Friday
Book Scholarship
Pick up on August 18 th at the bookstore with team
If your book isn't there or there is a mistake go to compliance
Book Requisition Form
Returned during finals week or you will be charged 100%

Football 9 Hour Rule

• Football student-athletes: You MUST pass 9 hours during the fall semester. If you do not, you will lose FOUR games the next season.

• If you do not pass 9 hours in the fall, you can regain play in games 3 and 4 if you pass 27 hours before the beginning of the next fall semester.

• A one-time exception to regain all four contests is available.
Fall 2013
If you are prescribed medicine for ADHD you must inform your athletic trainer or you could be rendered ineligible if tested.
Learning Specialists
If you have ever had accommodations please let your advisor know, you may be permitted to have
Extended Time for tests
Note takers
Audio Device
Counseling Center Resources
Free of charge
Family Concerns
Procrastination/Work Blocks/Loss of Motivation
Academic Difficulties
Relationship Problems with Friends or Romantic Partners
Sexual Concerns
Adjustment to College or Homesickness
Irritability or Anger
Sexual Orientation/Identity
Academic Major/Career Choice
Alcohol/Substance Abuse
Low Self Confidence/Self Esteem/Shyness
Anxiety or Stress
Eating/Appetite Concerns
Sleep Problems
Suicidal Feelings/Behavior
Test or Public Speaking Anxiety
Loss of a Significant Other
Offer Services for
You can make an appointment online at
1st point of contact=Your ASSA Advisor
2nd point of contact=Counseling Center
{if you are not comfortable with that}
Keith Embray- Assistant AD- Student Services
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