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Copy of dungeon wars program proposal

dungeon wars program proposal

zoe porter

on 29 April 2011

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Transcript of Copy of dungeon wars program proposal

4 nerdy middle schoolers that love dungeons and dragons are playing it one day and decide to go get some sodas and they see a sign that says " D&D players wanted come to my house at ecran road house 1572 i will be in my moms basement they go to it and zachary says,"it sounds legitimate i mean its in his moms basement of course it would be legitimate dude" but it turns out not to be and they go to it and it is a tournament they end up winning but there was a bad surprise they get sucked into the game by the true dungeon master of the world and they travel the world fighting insane creatures and searching for the dungeon master they make many enemies but they also make a few friends. the story zachary deroa(zanthor dimohawk) character bios Zachary deroa is a 12 year old boy who was introduced to D&D when he was only 3 years old. He played the game every day of his life since then with the weekly trip to walmart where he gets a game fuel mountain dew ,"discontinued noooooooooooo". Even though he is holed up in his parents basement he is still very good at sports and school even though all of his classes are high school level gary james(gohan the gasher) a ten year old short, hyperactive kid that is not from america but he learned how to play almost immediatly from zachary and john ,his very first friends. But unike john he is very quiet and unlike zachary he has a humanlike character but like both of them he is very academicaly and athleticaly profficient John is a hyperactive, unpredictable, destructive, impulsive, ADHD kid who isnt afraid to fight and lives by the rule "Action Not Words". His chacacter (Sir Mordoro) is an elite warrior thats kind of lousy, opinionized, and critizises everybody. Plus he is dumbfounded a lot but usualy just says or does the first thing that comes to mind. Plus he excells in academics and athletics john mallard(sir john mordoro) D&D high D&D high is the school that zachary,john ,izzy ,and gary go to even though they are middle school age kids. They are looked are down upon there so they find an outlet for their rage they play Dungeons & Dragons as that outlet even though that is the reason they are looked down upon. D&D high is the only school that has a competing dungeon and dragons team and they are proud of it. They even named the school D&D high in honor of the game. Everbody thinks the players are lame though which enrages the D&D team. the only team members of the D&D team are zachary or called on the team zanthor, john or as called on the team sir John VI, gary also known as gohan the gasher, and izzy or known on the team as icatiss john mallard( sir john mordoro VI) The show is a nerdy action comedy most likely to air from 8:30 to 9:00. It is most likely to catch the eyes of white males from age 10 to 50 because they are the people that usually play Dungeon & Dragons the most. It is TVPG amd the program would mostly entertain but also it would inform what Dungeons & Dragons is. It would stand out because there are not very many shows that focus on Dungeons & Dragons or any board games. other shows that would compete with us is the big bang theory and eureka. It would probably would show all over america. It would play on either comedy central or ABC. the budget would be within $250,000 to $275,000 izzy krayon or icatess kharicte izzy is the bull headed warrior of the gang and icatuss is no different he always charges into battle not caring who or what he kills.he wears the most armer he carries the biggest weapon and is the strongest. the whole idea of losing is not know to him. he doesn't listen to any one or care what they say. The end of the line is nonexistent to him.
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