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Xavier's Garden Final

No description

Xavier Wynne

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of Xavier's Garden Final

Final !!
(sunshine project)

We need better teamwork
Hold all our teamates responsible for their parts
Why organic food is essential
WE LIVE IN A FOOD DESSERT!! This means that we live in n area that is based off of unhealthy food markets or resturants. By planting this garden it is beneficial to our sunnyside community.
Why Sunshine Proect?
About 2 or 3 years ago one of our fellow teamates went to be with the lord. The young ladie's nickname was Sunshine. We painted the shed with yellow ballons in rememberance of her. R.I.P
We came back strong after Interruptiuons from two of our teamates
WE had more cooperation from our teamates
we still managed to get things done in time

Find measurements for the fence
Find distance between posts
Put the posts in the ground
Put cement on the posts
build the fence to exact measurements
place the fence inbetween the posts
drill the fence to the posts
make sure its flesh
Organic v.Non-Organic
no biproducts
no pestides
no steroydes
Non- organic :
contains steroydes
non natural ingredients
is not freshly grow
Final Reflection
By making a spark in the community I hope we change our community for the better . WE not only do this for sunshine but for our community and to shine a light in sunnyside.
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