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Road Rage in Teen Drivers

Teen Driving Issues Project of FLVS Driver's Ed Course Module 6

Jonathan Covert

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of Road Rage in Teen Drivers

Road Rage in Teen Drivers
Research Statistics
Seventy-six percent of teens report seeing drivers with negative emotions.
Seventy-four percent report seeing drivers with positive emotions.
Fifty-five percent report seeing drivers with road rage.
A survey by the AAA Foundation found that in over 10,000 road rage cases over a span of seven years resulted in 218 murders and 12,610 injuries.
Why is this a problem, especially for teen drivers?
Teens are quicker to aggressive reactions while driving. Aggressive driving could result in road rage, which cause injury, property damage, and death.
The AAA Foundation gives tips in how to avoid being the victim of a road rage driver.
Reaching Out Against Road Rage (ROARR) is an organisation that increases public awareness of the dangers of road rage. They provide educational resources to help reduce the chance of road rage and provide support to victims of road rage.
Solutions to the Problem
Traffic safety organisations could provide driving simulators that include road rage drivers and teach how best to avoid them.
Schools could provide support groups for depressed/angry teens that will help curb their emotions so they are ready to get behind the wheel.

What I can personally do to make more people aware of this issue?
I can spread the facts by word of mouth to classmates at school.
I could start a club at school that helps educate others about road rage drivers and how to avoid them.
I could give people resources and name organisations that could help them best learn to drive safely.
By: Jonathan Covert
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