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Love for Learning in Action

Capstone LIPD - Commentary on the Output Packet Creation Process

Laura Kästele

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Love for Learning in Action

Dragon Dreaming
New Awareness
Share Motivation
Gather Information
Consider Alternatives
Design Strategies
Test and Trial
Start Implementation
Manage Work
Install Monitoring
Personal Growth
Evaluate Outcomes
Widen Perspective
Dragon Dreaming Goals
Holistic philosophy and process for project design, liberation and collective intelligence
Methods for realization of creative, collaborative and sustainable projects

Building on power of dreams and vision to create the future
Simple and playful tools for visionary processes, planning, implementation and evaluation
Connection of humans and environment, thinking and doing, mind and intuition, work and play
Inspired by indigenous wisdom Aborigines, deep ecology, system theory and quantum physics
Create permaculture zone 00 design for fulfilling, meaningful, productive and joyful life
Clarify vision and learning intentions
Sett strategic goals for inspiration, focus and empowerment
Personal transformation and development
Self care cycles and practices
Unlearn dysfunctional internal patterns and beliefs
Personal Growth
Community Building
Design action learning cycle and program pathway
Interaction with global GaiaU community
Collaboration, leadership and networking
Mentoring, learning buddy relationships and support system
Feedback loop and review process
Sharing and dissemination efforts
Service to the Earth
Project work in holistic sustainable design and ecosocial regeneration
Permaculture design process guided by principles and ethics of earth care, people care and fair share
Regenerative education and action learning
Explore my unique gifts and deepen my contribution and positive impact to a more beautiful world
Alignment of project work, professional career and learning pathway with vison
Dreaming to generate new awareness, share motivation and collect information
Path of death and re-birth, from initial, individual idea to collective dream
Maximize creativity and "aha" moments of new discovery
Generate strong group commitment, creativity and collective wisdom
Dream circle presenting, sharing and transforming the dream to develop a motivating, animate dream manifesto
Planning stage to consider alternatives, develop strategies and test the project in various ways
Path from collective theory toward full engagement, encounter and dialogue with the environment
Set project goals and objectives
Create strategic project plan and board game called Karabirrdt (spider web) to playfully and intuitively take care of tasks
Develop prototypes and experiment
Doing to start implementation, administration and planning, and monitoring progress
Path from thinking and design to practical implementation, application and action
Guide and track management, progress and adaption with the Karabirrdt
Realize and evaluate collective project dream and make it reality
Energy for implementation, self-organization, collaboration and coordination of work
Confront our dragons (fears) and expand comfort zone to achieve the project goals
Celebrating of personal growth, project outcomes and wider perspective
Path from practice to gratitude, celebration to new dreams
Replenish our valuable creative energy for nourishment and meaning
Celebrate all the way through the project including reflection, evaluation and recreation
Conscious and joyful appreciation of achievements and un/learnings
New understanding, enthusiasm and curiosity leading to new dreams
Clear the space and discern with wisdom
Tracking Progress:
Evaluate and track progress with the Karabirrdt by coloring completed tasks, checking them off the list and moving from dreaming into celebrating
Goals and Dream:
Re-connect with dreams, goals and objectives articulated in the beginning for direction, big picture and realization
Install feedback loops, ask for support and advice in addition to draft reviews along the way for effectively managing OP production
Reflect and adapt to emerging and changing life and project happenings, stay agile and dynamic to make it a living document
Generative Question:
“What evidence would show us that we are completing our tasks, achieving our objectives and making 100% of our dreams come true?”
Design Framework:
Appropriate design process, philosophy and methods, using Dragon Dreaming
Goals articulation:
Set objectives and goals for OP production
Plan Activities:
Make a task list and develop a time plan for writing and completing it
Project Plan:
Create a project game board with the Dragon Dreaming method called Karabirrdt (spider web) around the four phases dream, plan, do and celebrate integrating tasks, structure, timing and energy flows
Generative Question:
“What things need to happen to enable 100% of the dream to come true”
“Which objective, if given attention to first, will facititate the achievement of the other objectives and make the dream come true”
Personal leadership and responsibility for OP creation and LIPD, people involved through conversation, learning and support, main advisor, guild buddies, friends and family
Project Description:
OP 1 LIPD output design, writing and creation process documenting the action learning design of the next year
Dreaming Circle:
Ignite motivation, creativity and commitment
Generative Question:
“What would this project have to be like that afterward you can say, you could not have spent your time in any better way?“
Acceleration to BSc capstone phase with strategic, high quality work
New Awareness:
Be an active creator an designer of my own daily life, make it a joyful, fulfilling, productive and meaningful experience
Initial Idea:
Clear and empowering learning design and project plan guided by permaculture thinking resulting in strategic goals, practical implementation, adaption routine and support system
Inspiration and Motivation:
Love and passion for action learning, design and creativity, challenge and joy in pushing learning edges
Feedback Integration:
Previous OPs and PoDAPO criteria
Collect information about permaculture, design, learning theory, project management, goal setting, writing practices, presentation styles
Methods and Tools:
Online research, self-foraging, websites, books, articles, videos as well as personal life and learning experiences. deep reflection, listening to (inner/outer) calling and feedback and inspiring conversations and sharing with others
Brainstorming OP report including design writing and presentation, mindmap with basic structure and table of contents
Compare, contrast and finally decide on design process and framework considering all methods I got to know so fare in my pathway
Explore and evaluate OPs and especially LIPDs from other associates, find most inspiring and successful reports to learn from
Look at LIPD example OP structure and guiding framework, include all required elements and PoDAPO criteria
Re-read, change and tweak OP structure, play around with overall flow, map out different possibilities as prototypes, design and integrate feedback from first Mahara page outlines
Be innovative, expand edges and think outside the box
Structure and content:
Adapt and finalize OP structure mindmap, create abstract and content sections, play around with various genres, writing styles and mixed media for the presentation
Design Process:
Experiment, design structure and Mahara OP presentation prototype
Writing Texts:
Note taking and first outlines for sections, short writing examples and general flow, documenting all project and output progress
Method and Tools:
Collection and prototypes of tools for application and tweaking, stack functions
Mahara Presentation:
Draft Output Packet version on Mahara with basic design and layout
Share experiments, development, ideas and progress in talks to get feedback and tweak
Content Activities:
Develop, apply and implementat a variety of exercises, tools, methods and activities generating a broad content base for my LIPD
Harvest major project and learning experiences in creative and effective ways for sharing with others
Brainstorm, create mind maps, take notes and eventually write all the texts, a combination of academic research, project report and storytelling
Visual Material:
Design, develop and create visual material including pictures, diagrams, mind maps and graphics
Think about and design the layout, presentation style and general visual look of the Output Packet in Mahara
Writing Practice:
Map thoughts and structure out in my head first, take notes and write in flow before compiling the material into a nice text
Time Management:
Develop a rough timeline and breake the OP into smaller pieces for better estimation, daily to-do list, time tracking and routine reflections on timing including re-design
Project Management:
Project plan, the Karabirrdt with all tasks and milestones presented in the four phases if dreaming, planning, doing and celebrating connected by song lines for a natural work flow
Build up and keep momentum and energy during the entire doing phase by re-connecting to the visionary passions and inspirational ideas from the dreaming circle and sharing the development with other people
Un/learning experiences:
Way of looking back and harvesting what happened, pivotal points, changes, emotions. I learned something from every experience and interaction
Journal writing:
Intentionally reflecting, harvesting and documenting insights or experience of happenings for deepening, space for reflection and observation, I use journaling to share honestly, process issues and clear my head of thoughts by writing down and let go
Zone 00 design:
Intense, dynamic, interesting design process and method of getting to know myself better, clarifying and designing personal zone and learning, implementing zone 00 design is a major step of personal development and living a purposeful, fulfilling life
Project Outcomes and Achievements
Main report LIPD on Mahara
Design and project documentation
Supportive evidence and visual material
Design process material and process reflection
4 Ps Evaluation of Impact
Personal: Personal growth and transformation, skill and knowledge building through LIPD and OP production,
Peer: Inspiration and sharing with fellow associates, part of GaiaU community, peer review process, disseminating to other interested friends
Project: Learning and pathway design, OP, supportive material
Professional: Skills and experience in design, presentation and writing
Amazing project and learning journey, OP design, writing and creation process went really well and was an interesting, joyful experience, next time I want to work on a more concise and timely report
New Perspective:
All learning changes my perception of reality, integrated approach for personal, project and academic work, working with challenges by finding creative solutions
Future Outlook:
Excited to implement and adapt my LIPD for application throughout the entire program cycle and experiment with a dynamic learning design
Next Steps
Zone 00 design implementation in form of a 30 day challenge
Generating content material and brainstorming OP2
Integrating peer and professional review feedback
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