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Which comes out the door, the lady or the tiger?

A prezi of "The Lady, or the Tiger"

Dimitri Kirsch

on 16 November 2011

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Transcript of Which comes out the door, the lady or the tiger?

Or the tiger? She has a sweet side; however, she is still semi-barbaric. The lady? Besides, how could she watch the man she loved be devoured by a terrible beast? When the king had found out about this affair, he wasn't the least bit pleased! Because of his outrage, he set the princess's lover up for a trial. Which comes out of the door, In one door, there would be a beautiful lady, to which the "innocent" man was to be immediatly married, regaurdless of the fact that he may have already had a wife. There was once a semi-barbaric king who had a peculiar system of justice. The system was as follows:
There were two doors exactly alike.
The accused man would then choose a door. Now that she knows what is behind both door, what will she choose to do? This system was based purely on chance. The king had a daughter The princess had a "secret" love affair with a man. In the other door would be a ferocious, hungry tiger that would eat the "guilty" man alive. Still, to see that blood! The princess, everso curious, had to find out what had lain behind those two doors. So by bribing the people who placed the tiger and princess where they were, she did. At the arena on the day of the princess's lover's trial, the lover caught the princess's eye. The mutual glance told the youth that his lover behind which door held the tiger and which held the lady. knew Then, when no one was paying attention to the princess, she moved her hand slightly to the right. "Without the slightest hesitation, he went to the door on the right, and opened it." So, which came out? I mean, that's all there is.
It's up to us to figure out which came out. Could it be the lady? Because, if she truely loved him, she would want him to be happy, and actually live! Either way, the princess had to let go of her lover. She would be immensly jealous of another woman being married to her lover. Just imagine, seeing the one you love, forced to be with another person! So, the motivaion of wanting the youth all to herslef could have led her to bring forth the tiger. But what fate did she choose for her lover? Another lover? Or death?
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