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Company presentation LED Passport

Findings and recommendations

Tamas Leidal

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Company presentation LED Passport

SUMMARY Facilitate intranet access to LED Passport The issue What are the core reasons
for Polish white-collar workers not to take part in Philips’ LED Passport Certification program? Research results - 87% heard about LED Certification Current certification practices - Intranet publications
- Banner promotion on intranet site
- Top-down push messages
- Country status e-mail reports
- Home access
- Mobile App launch beginning of 2013 Recommendations To marketing and communications An exploratory study behind the issues of Philips’ transformation to LED lighting Focus of research Polish white-collar workers Problem Insufficient number of employees taking part in Philips Lighting University's LED Passport Certification program Conceptual model and research - Office workers
Approximately 950 (120 certified as of October 2012)

- Factory workers
Approximately 4.500 (non certified) Research hypothesis Current practicalities imply a negative effect on the number of Polish white-collar workers taking part in Philips' LED Passport Certification program Conducted a questionnaire - available in VOVICI Philips intranet - e-mail notifications sent by Polish HR manager - high number of responses received (90) - About 75% were informed about LED Passport through emails,
intranet advertising or a colleague (in equal proportion) - 27% started LED Passport but could not finish - Reasons for not having completed it (60%): workload, lack of need,
core message unclear, technical issues, too many clicks POLAND Further results - Most efficient learning tools: online certification, e-books, mobile apps - 41% claims that it is easy to find information on PLU intranet site - Most said: intranet promotion is necessary and e-mail notifications are efficient - However! Neither status country reports nor working from home are preferred - Polish white-collars are unsure about the message and essence of LED Passport - Philips online certification platform
- Design and content: good
- User-friendliness and applicability: poor - 66% prefers online help in case of technical issues To Philips Lighting University IT To Lighting University IT - Facilitate online access
By for instance: less clicks (reconsider using LMS) - Establish an all-time online support - Stress possibility of pop-up blocker and other known technical issues on PLU intranet Separate research on self-related variables - E-learning environment: stick with design and content but make it more user-friendly To marketing and communications department Continue intranet and communication activity - sending e-mail notifications - banner advertising Advised focus - newsletter advertising - promote new mobile app - BUT do not compare countries upon performance Redesign and / or re-communicate message of LED Passport's importance Before message redesign a separate research on self-related variables is recommended Redesign and / or re-communicate message THANK YOU
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