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Trail to Eagle

Steps for life scouts to follow on their way to earnning Eagle rank

Kim Williams

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Trail to Eagle

On the trail to Eagle
Merit Badges
The Eagle Project
Scout Spirit
Recommendation Letters
The Application
While a Life Scout, serve in a leadership position for six months
Earn 21 Merit Badges
12 Eagle Required
We recommend you have all badges completed
or in progress before you begin your project and you have to have at least 19 completed before the advisors will work with you on it.
Senior Patrol Leader
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Patrol Leader
Other special positions
Be present at as many campouts and meetings as you are realistically able to attnd
Be clear with your leaders about why you are absent when you can't be there.
It's a marathon, not a sprint!
Citizenship in the Community
Citizenship in the Nation
Citizenship in the world
First Aid
Personal Fitness
Personal Management
Lifesaving or Emergency Preparedness
Swimming or Cycling or Hiking
Environmental Science
Personal Statement- write a short personal essay in reponse to application requirement #6. Send an electronic copy to the Eagle advisor for editing before attaching it to your application.
Application form is available online. You can start this as you are working on your project. Send your completed form to the Eagle advisor for checking.
Get your blue cards checked by the Eagle advisor. They will prepare copies of all cards to be attached to your application.
Candidate must provide forms with cover letter to at least five people who know them well; one letter from parent(s). Letters are sent directly to Eagle advisor. GET CONTACT INFORMATION when you speak to each writer.
Electronic copy sent to Dallas for checking
Hard copy mailed to BSA
A three part process-
Write up your proposal using the Eagle Scout Project Workbook.Get signatures and approval before going forward.
Carry out the project. Keep detailed notes and take pictures as you progress. Use the workbook to help you. Highlight your role as a leader and what you are learning about leadership!
Use the workbook guidelines to
complete your project write-up.
Schedule a scoutmaster conference. Bring your application, essay blue cards and your completed Eagle Project write-up. If you pass, the Scoutmaster will ask the Troop Committee Chairperson to schedule your Board of Review!
The Eagle Board of Review
The BOR will meet for approximately 2 hours. You will need to wear full Class A uniform with Merit Badge Sash and take your completed application, project write-up, rank advancement cards and blue cards.
If the board approves, they will sign off on your project report and application! The application will then be mailed to the National Eagle Scout Association. You should recieve you award kit a few weeks after that.
Must be scheduled and completed by
end of March if you want to earn the rank in June
Early October if you want to earn the rank in December
Projects need to provide you with an opportunity to lead a group of volunteers over at least two days.
You can start at any time, but you must complete all require-ments at least 2 months before your target Court of Honor date!
...at least!
Citizenship in the World
Citizenship in the Nation
Citzenship in the Community
Emergency Preparedness or Llifesaving
Environmental Science or Sustainability
First Aid
Cycling or Hiking or Swimming
Personal fitness
Personal Management
Family Life
Once you have been confirmed as an Eagle Scout, get a picture of yourself in uiform and write up a summary of your project for the program! E-mail them to the Scoutmaster.
After our representative in Dallas has checked your application and confirmed that it is in good shape, your advisor will tell the Scoutmaster to schedule a Scoutmaster Conference!
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