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Holacracy for Transition Initiatives: From Initiating to Core Group

For more information about Holacracy, visit Holacracy.org.

Don Hall

on 9 January 2011

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Transcript of Holacracy for Transition Initiatives: From Initiating to Core Group

Food Energy Health Inner Transition The Built Environment Arts & Culture Waste Economy Transportation B.O.D WG WG CORE LEAD LEAD REP REP REP REP REP REP REP REP REP REP WG WG WG WG LEAD WG WG WG LEAD LEAD LEAD LEAD LEAD LEAD LEAD Holacracy for Transition Initiatives: From initiating to core group The DNA of Transition Rep link: advocates for the perspective and needs of the working group Lead link: seeks to align the working group with the vision of the core group + Core group offers training and support for officially recognized working groups
+ Core group sets the overarching strategy and coordinates it throughout the inititative Working groups are free to self-organize within parameters set by the Core Group Presents proposals on behalf of the Core Group Finance Committee Reskilling Comittee "Cool Roofs" Project Comittee Communications Circle Could be a staff member
or a volunteer Don Hall Board of Directors
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